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In response to the recent New York Times article about Hip-hop in China (and partly inspired by the execrable Jay Chou/Song Zuying performance on last night’s CCTV gala), I present to you a video that perfectly sums up, for me, everything that’s wrong with foreign attitudes to allegedly underground Chinese music.

A minor digression first: that NYT article is written to give the impression that “many students and working-class Chinese” are rhyming about the “bitterness that comes with realizing …[they are] left out of China’s economic boom.”

Very good criticism to an article published by the New York Times on Hip Hip in China: Now Hip-Hop, Too, Is Made in China

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Author Brendan O'Kane
English title (Help), (Help), (Help) the Police!
Publication bokane.org
Date of publication 2009 exactly on 2009/01/26
Original URL The original article was posted on http://bokane.org/2009/01/26/help-help-help-the-police/

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