10 Questions With Yang Haisong- PK 14 is a Spicy Dish

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Interview with Yang Haisong of P.K. 14. I can’t claim I’ve been the biggest PK 14 fan over the years but they have definitely grown on me lately.. Much of it might be attributed to reading Dave O’Dell’s Inseparable and learning all about the band’s background. They’ve been pretty much in hibernation over the past 12 months and are coming out to play Friday night at Yugong Yishan along with Rustic and others.

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English title 10 Questions With Yang Haisong- PK 14 is a Spicy Dish
Publication Beijing Daze
Date of publication 2012 exactly on 2012/11/29
Original URL The original article was posted on http://beijingdaze.com/10-questions/2012/11/29/10-questions-with-yang-haisong-pk-14-is-a-spicy-dish/

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Yang Haisong, P.K. 14

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