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798 Space (798 时态空间, shi tai kong jian),



  • Chaoyang District, No. 4, Jiu Xian Qiao Road, within the 798 Art Factory
  • 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路4号大山子艺术区内(北京8503信箱)
  • Phone:010-59789180 59789181
  • Web: http://www.798space.com

Public Trafic: Take Subway line 2, stop at Dong Zhi Men Station, switch to bus line 401 or 955, stop at Da Shan Zhi Station. Or take Bus line 401 402 405 973 813 stop at Da Shan Zi Station. ( 地铁:东直门站转乘401或955 大山子站下车, 乘车路线 直达:401 402 405 973 813 大山子站)



huge Gallery, exhibition hall, concert venue and bookstore in 798 art factory, near Wangjing / Da Shan Zi area.

2006813122750367.jpg 2006813122827918.jpg

taken from the official website:

798 Space is a new rising, avant-garde and trendy space that hosts high-level cultural, artistic and commercial activities. It can hold more than 1000 guests with ease: 1000 square meters and up to 9 meters high structural exhibition space + 300 square meters relaxing and eating space + contemporary art book shop + film and video showing area

Located in Dashanzi Art District (original 798 Factory), the heart of a growing art and culture community in Beijing, 798 Space is the center and the biggest space that provide cultural, artistic and commercial activities in the area. It was designed by the East German's architects in the Bauhaus style in the early 1950's. Through the reconstruction and redesigning with the contemporary aesthetics by artists, the space combines the past, present, and future of the "New China" and the unique meaning of the socialistic culture.

798 Space does not limit itself to organize national and international exhibitions and communications of contemporary art, but looks also to host high-level cultural and commercial activities:

Art & culture activities: Contemporary art exhibitions, communications, forums, multimedia exhibitions, experimental dramas, contemporary dances & concerts, design & furniture exhibitions, great cultural evenings...

High-level commercial activities: Fashion shows, product launches, press conferences, social parties, meetings, fairs and all the other corporate services. We can provide for any corporate needs and offers a whole range and high quality of assistant services from catering to design layout, from supplying lighting and audio or visual equipments to organizing different entertainments.

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