A Gift From Super VC (Super VC)

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General Information

Artist: Super VC
Title: 来自VC的礼物 (láizì VC de lǐwù) / A Gift From Super VC
Release Date: 2005, August 8th
Label: Modern Sky Records
Type: CDDA
Language: Chinese

Track Listing

  1. C调哀歌
  2. 优雅
  3. Kiss me
  4. 海岸
  5. 零下
  6. 北极冰川
  7. 叁壹陆
  8. 降落
  9. 石像
  10. 最后的诗
  11. Amy & Betty


  • (c) that's Shanghai Magazine, Thomas Podvin, Chief editor: Steven Crane, October 2005 issue

This second album from the indie-rock band Super VC (in Chinese “Fruit Taste Vitamin C”) is a tasty surprise. They’ve pushed their sound a bit further after their debut Double Life released in 2001, but there is no denying their dream noise-rock sound is intact. With Dublin noise-band My Bloody Valentine among their main influences, this Irish-British quartet was typed “shoe-gazers” by the British press, after the tendency of this subculture to stare at their feet while on stage. Probably not short of vitamin C, Super VC doesn’t need to bend the head, but their array of shoe-gazer elements -- a wall of sound with thick, multi-layered guitars and subdued vocals, never overwhelms their strong sense of melody. All said, Super VC are no clones; hey, they even include one song, “Amy & Betty” in French.


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