Acoustic View (ME:MO)

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General Information

Artist: ME:MO
Title: acoustic view /
Release Date: 2007
Label: Shan Shui Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: SHS-008

Track Listing

  1. intro
  2. 小歌儿
  3. day trip
  4. 耐夜
  5. dawn chorus
  6. fuzzy june
  7. a little film in musicalbox
  8. 蜜眠梦
  9. 蜜眠梦(Chocorange Remix)


  • (c) 8 Inches Productions, Ian Sherman

Me:Mo used to specialise in the kind of music best used in the wooing of arty Berliners - arhythmic collages of random industrial sounds, blips and other reclaimed aural ephemera. His was not the music you'd gear up, dance, or wind down to. There are still a few instances of Me:Mo the Difficult Bastard on Acoustic View - 'Dawn Chorus' sounds like early Aphex Twin on qaaludes – but generally the man has mellowed and, dare it be said, discovered his inner tunefulness.

This appropriately named disc may well be the first Chinese folktronica album; Me:Mo has jettisoned the concrete mixer samples of yore in favour of syncopated bongOs and ever-present live acoustic guitar. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of dopplered clicks and helicopter whirs, its just that they now serve the melody rather than standing in for one. Musical touchstones for the recording of this album seem to have been Caribou (‘Xiao Ge Er’) and, obscurely, the late lamented Lemon Jelly (‘Mi Mian Meng’). While the joining of folk and electronica is not always seamless here, album highlight ‘Rong’ is a sublime example of the form.

Far from perfect, Acoustic Views is nonetheless a perfectly charming work that indicates more interesting things to come from Me:Mo.


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