Across the Silent Forest (Original Sin)

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General Information

Artist: Original Sin
Title: 穿过寂静的森林 / Across the Silent Forest
Release Date: 2009, December
Label: Cold Woods
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: CW 002

Track Listing

  1. 迷雾森林 (Misty Forest) (01:49)
  2. 童年的阴影 (Shades of Childhood) (04:25)
  3. 穿过黑夜 (Through the Night) (03:31)
  4. 江山 (Fatherland) (04:43)
  5. 毒汁蔓延 (Spread of Venom) (03:00)
  6. 长恨歌 (A Song of Unending Sorrow) (04:01)

Further Information

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