Antidote in Nanjing

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General information

Title Antidote in Nanjing
Start Date 2006/05/17 09:00:00 PM
End Date 2006/05/17 02:00:00 AM
Organizer Antidote
Event Location(s) Castle Bar

Event Poster

Antidote in Nanjing

Antidote nanjing webfly400.jpg

Poster of Antidote in Nanjing

General information

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at Castle Bar, 6 Zhongyang Road, Nanjing. 9pm-2am

The Antidote went to Nanjing for the first time. Super thanks to Joey (pics below) and the Map Magazine, and Cecilia and Nanjing Music Radio!

Further information

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