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Artefracture is an underground DIY label from Hongkong



High class culture with a lo-fi aesthetic. A punk rock heart with impeccable DIY ethics.

There are two ways recording musicians can welcome the internet's proliferation - keep your music a guarded secret and die with the industry hanged from a failing business model, or exploit the possibilities of widespread and instant distribution and exposure.

What Artefracture does is give a home to the bastards and runts in the music community who are actually profound visionaries - the unique gems that are playing the street corners and the toilet circuit or slaving over a hot computer at home to produce the best songs you've never heard.

It facilitates their awesome and shares it with the world with a view that people with taste will decide accordingly what it's worth to them. This "record label" is stubbornly DIY and release albums for download on a 'pay what you like' basis. at the end of the day, making sure great art is created and instantly accessible while sticking to its story is Artefracture's main goal.

The label started in July 2012.

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