As Vivid As Your Lips (Sulumi VS Usk)

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General Information

Artist: Sulumi VS Usk
Title: As Vivid As Your Lips
Release Date: 2007
Label: Bedzoo Records (
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: Bedzoo CD-003

Track Listing


  1. as vivid as possible
  2. Romio vs Juliet
  3. tunerz heaven
  4. synthely
  5. one "jappy chipcore remix"original by Panda Twin


  1. Spirit Constrains of Dance
  2. Steals The Light
  3. Tsuji Techno Fans Club
  4. God Save the 8Bit
  5. Your Lips


  • (c) 8 Inches Productions, Vladimir Von Jones

This is a strange and probably wonderful release from Chinese bit-core label Bedzoo (founded and run by Luo Hao AKA iLoop); a split LP between Japanese bleep mentalist Usk and hometown chip-head Sulumi. The mission statement of this disc is laid out clearly in the track listing – Usk contributes a track called ‘Synthely’ and Sulumi concurs with his ‘God Save The 8-bit’. If not completely composed on a Gameboy or NES, this album certainly worships at their altars. Listening to this album (especially the five offerings from Usk) is akin to listening to a mash-up of the themes from ‘Castlevania’ and ‘Jet Set Willy’ at triple speed; if you like your arpeggios cheesy, you’re in the right place. Sulumi does offer some welcome relief by slowing things down a tiny bit and adding some breakbeats. His ‘Spirit Constrains Of Dance’ even features some (heavily vocoded) vocals, of all things. This exhausting album is by no means bad – a lot of creativity and talent obviously went into its creation, but it is puzzling. I just can’t imagine where one is supposed to listen to it; one needs the attention span deficit of a particularly autistic goldfish to listen to it at home and it’s far too speedy for all but the most spring-loaded of dance floors. Maybe it’s just art.


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