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General Information

Artist: Be Persecuted
Title: Be Persecuted
Release Date: 2006, June
Label: Pest Productions
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:
Language: English and Chinese

Track Listing

  1. Intro 01:54
  2. Suicide Forest 05:23
  3. Painful Assemble 04:36
  4. Be Resented For Livelihood 05:32
  5. Some How 06:54
  6. Outro 03:52


Suicide Forest


in the haze mist, I step alone

Without deity's declare, without pray

innermost thorn, hiding back into abysin

Have no direction, have no aim

the medal which belongs to me is coming

drak death, just in frontage

comether walling, red lips in the darkness

enwinding my loneliness

tearing, never end

the best end-up is die out

actually i lose in this forest

it's nigritude

Painful Assemble

Looking up the self-pride tower

I hostile all with my personality

bourgeois wheel crush up me

put on the mean

console myselg stick the smelling egesta

please let me sink, let me keep sinking

sink into endless painful abyss

cheby is my forever unreal

arrive with droop, die on the way

I want you to see my end.

Be Resented For Livelihood

Life's flower fading

blind mating destroyed the strong will

expecting death summon

fall into maze memory

take away too much niceness

body die down in the wind

wanna look up the last gray sky

it's the color when I gonna get in tomb

things which couldnt take with

just let it keeping be history

leaving with despairingly

wither fall

in the horizon


(c) Perplexed_Sjel (Metal Archives) on December 24th, 2006

I'll be honest, my knowledge of the Chinese Black Metal scene isn't that great, so when i came across Be Persecuted i didn't have many expectations. I was surprised when i came to realise that they're in fact signed to No Colours Records, a record label that has provided me with a lot of decent music down the years. Formed in the year 2005, Be Persecuted are a three man band consisting of Zhao, Tan and Wu respectively. To date they have only released one self-titled demo which consists of six tracks, lasting approximately 28 minutes and 30 seconds.

As i was saying, i had no real expectations or hopes that Be Persecuted would be anything more than your standard basement Black Metal band with no hope of ever becoming anything decent and to rival that of what the West has provided over recent years but, to my surprise Be Persecuted are a band i have been searching for, for a very long time now. Filled to the brim with emotion, innovative music and a hard-hitting style of Black Metal, this simply blew me away. A simply amazing band is what i've fortunately managed to come across and thankfully did not dismiss entirely. I offer my greatest apologises to the bands members as they have gained my respect through their stylish and depressing style of Black Metal.

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Further Information

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