Beijing Blues (Woodie Alan Band)

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General Information

Artist: Woodie Alan Band
Title: Beijing Blues
Release Date: 2009, May
Label: Goldpin Records/Guitar China
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: XXX-000
Language: English and Chinese
ISRC: CN-A65-09-381-00/A.J6
Credits: Produced by Guitar China, Producer: Jean Ismirlian

Track Listing

  1. Beijing Blues
  2. Mr. Big Shot
  3. Wode Baobei 我的宝贝
  4. Got Love
  5. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (Live)
  6. I Don't Care
  7. Anjing Shenghuo 安静生活
  8. Sri Lankan Sunset
  9. Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Live)
  10. Come to the Edge


Song 1

Song 2



Woodie Alan - Beijing's premier blues and jam band - releases debut CD, featuring 10 songs sung in both English and Chinese! "Best Chinese blues band I ever heard. Who knew?" states Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top. "The very essence of world music: stone cold American blues with subtle, interesting Chinese overtones and killer slide guitar," riffs Brad Tolinski of Guitar World. Guitar China adds, "Woodie Alan has really pushed forward the development and growth of blues in China by playing hundreds of well-received shows. And Woodie Wu is a new kind of guitar hero here - subtle and killer." Woodie Wu has been a fixture on the Beijing rock and blues scenes for over a decade, playing with The Handsome Blacks, The Fly (Cangying), Sand and Skyscraper (Motianlou). A gifted guitarist, Woodie has focused his talents in recent years on harmonica and lap steel guitar. These traditional American instruments enliven many country and blues classics and their rich, evocative tones are at the core of Woodie Alan's sound. (Electric/Blues), total running time, 60:07

Further Information

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