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Bypass is a netlabel based in China, currently releasing electronica, idm, ambient, and experimental music.

They are interested in offering any new, novelty and art forms of Electronic music. All music is free to download for non-profit uses under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Official site:


[BP050] ocp - Must

[BP049] EugeneKha - Labyrinth Of Phantoms

[BP048] Float - The Healer

[BP047] Eskazed - Overload

[BP046] PerlssDj - Cinetica

[BP045] Megatone - Underwater Luminescence

[BP044] macabro - Never Again

[BP043] Various Artists - The Brainslug Paradox

[BP042] Enko - Sister

[BP041] Mel - Noncompliance

[BP040] The O.P. - Made In The USA

[BP038] Phillip Wilkerson - Williams Park EP

[BP037] Siegmar Fricke - Chemodulator

[BP036] Enko - Posttok EP

[BP035] Microbit Project - The Long Dark Summer Night

[BP034] Laiila - 000013, Version Of

[BP033] Various Artists - The Nines

[BP032] RuiD - Remixes EP

[BP031] Cursed Chimera - Glitch PATH

[BP030] Nick R 61 - The X

[BP029] Megatone - Xenomorph

[BP028] PerlssDj - Tai Chi

[BP027] Syndrôm - Les Sombres Parfums

[BP026] Microbit Project - RAVEnous

[BP025] Olympic Smoker - Noises And Echoes

[BP024] Luís Antero + Marcus Kürten - Stall

[BP023] Siegmar Fricke - Nekrektomie

[BP022] RuiD - LoveBOX EP

[BP021] macabro - Drink To The Drowned Ones

[BP020] Cursed Chimera - Infinite Caustic Change

[BP019] EugeneKha - Return To Earth

[BP018] Mel - Un

[BP017] Luís Antero - Sound Narratives, Vol 1

[BP016] Phillip Wilkerson - Incidents In Spring EP

[BP015] Bong - Albatross EP

[BP014] Olympic Smoker - Die Rotation EP

[BP013] ZhangJW - Pleh

[BP012] Out Level - Water Recordings

[BP009] Da-D-Da - A Toy

[BP011] Spanse - Dawn Moon EP

[BP010] Siegmar Fricke - Omentopexy

[BP007] ZhangJW - Paris EP

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