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China ? (a noise compilation)

  1. D!O!D!O!D! - A02 (0'52)
  2. Enlil - Hun Dun and the 7th day of gratitude (8'21)
  3. Dominik - Yourstonamedom (5'20)
  4. Yoursck - s_h_d (4'46)
  5. Fedaden - Nada (5'04)
  6. D'incise - Fuck hierarchy and borders (5'48)
  7. Shenggy - First noise (1'00)
  8. Shenggy - Long noise (11'52)
  9. Li Jianhong - TV (5'28)
  10. Chicks Dig Noise - Mixdown (5'14)
  11. Torturing Nurse - Amp Die (10'12)
  12. D!O!D!O!D! - A03 (4'30))
  13. White - first live (at the 13Club) (10'50)

General Informations

Artists: Various Artists
Released: August 14th, 2006
Record Label: eDogm netlabel
Ref: edo013 - various artists vol. 4
download link:

Release Notes

I spent six month in China from February to July this year. I came on the invitation of a school, to be a music teacher, but never worked with them, actually they had no music room, no piano, no students... So I played in some jazz clubs, some really boring old school jazz. I also went to many shitty rock and pop and electro concerts. The music scene in China is really conservative, and most of the time it's designed to fit the need of the whites entertainement. Or perhaps I'm totally wrong. Instead of being a music teacher, I turned to be some kind of student, trying to speak chinese, trying to understand chinese people, trying to save my face and not to loose my temper... And I've seen some great performances by noise artists in Beijing and Shanghai, like White, D!O!D!O!D!, and Torturing nurse, and played with them (as Keplerslaws) in the NOIShanghai festival. I began to play noise music one year ago, but this was a totally different experience. I think I learned a lot from those noise artists, they were into something really different from anything I've seen before. There is no compromise in their music. They can play one hour of some really violent stuff, almost injuring theirself by rolling on the floor or destroying things around, and then turn instantly to be some nice, almost shy people. They are not into being stars or even professionals. They do some genuine stuff in a world of fake. Or perhaps I'm totally wrong. I wanted to release something from them. I thought primary of a "chinese artists only" compilation, but then I decided it was stupid, so there are artists from many countries. I just asked people to send me a track for a noise compilation inspired by China and noise. Then I felt confused with some tracks, because they are not pure harshnoise, so I made a crescendo playlist. The first tracks are still into some electroacoustic experiments, D'incise's one is a kind of axis, then it turns to harshnoise. The last track is the end of the first concert of White, in Beijing, and it's the first nice thing I've seen while I was in China, in february.

This is also the second anniversary release on eDogm, and running this netlabel is another great and disturbing experience. Or perhaps I'm totally wrong.

- Johann Bourquenez, Paris, August 14th, 2006

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