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During the 1990s illegally imported compact discs, known as dakou CDs, flooded into China, opening up the music world to Chinese youth and inspiring them to experiment with new sounds and new lifestyles. Quickly, dakou became the label for a new generation of Chinese, a vibrant generation no longer tied to the Maoist past. Based on fifteen years of fieldwork in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, China with a Cut surveys the music that emerged in 1990s China and makes a case for its involvement in the rise of China as a cultural and economic global power. Taken from

General information

Author Jeroen de Kloet
English title China with a Cut: Globalisation, Urban Youth and Popular Music
Chinese title 打口中国
Pinyin title Dǎ kǒu zhōngguó
Publisher Amsterdam University Press
Date of publication 2010 exactly on 2010/07/15
ISBN 9089641629 (find this book)

Subject of the Book

This book focusses mostly about the following subjects:

General Information

ISBN-13: 978-9089641625

Further information

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