Chinese Music and Musical Instruments

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The history of Chinese music is as vast and diverse as the history of China itself. This book illustrates the development of Chinese music from its early beginnings to the formation of Chinese folk orchestras in the 20th century, and is an essential guide for anyone interested in the development and unique character of Chinese traditional music.

General information

Author Xi Qiang
English title Chinese Music and Musical Instruments
Publisher Better Link Press
Date of publication 2011 exactly on 2011/04/10
ISBN 978-1602201057 (find this book)
Number of Pages 114

Subject of the Book

This book focusses mostly about the following subjects:

History of music in China

General information

  • Xi Qiang, director of China National Orchestra, is known for mastering various Chinese instruments. He has edited many specialized books including Collected Papers on Chinese Folk Music.

Further information

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