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This article explains how cross-referencing between and Wikipedia is being accomplished.

Understanding the differences

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Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and has set its own aim to provide knowledge world-wide and free with a level of depth and comprehensive approach similar to an encyclopedia. That means that there are limits to the length of articles, level of details and actual content that can be mentioned. Wikipedia rather provides external links to detailed databases, biographies and other content. however is free to go in any level of depth and cross-link it within its own database to provide the most detailed and most complete picture about any chosen topic.


Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination is not standing alone in the web and has continuously worked to get its content included in the world's knowledge databases. in November 2012, RDF export and semantic triplets became part of the system and every article can be freely shared and integrated in similarly structured websites (as is already done world-wide). More important, with the semantic attribute foaf:primarytopicof, a lot of pages in this wiki are being cross-referenced to Wikipedia to enable machines and readers to become aware of the linkage and seek out further information.

Additionally on a number of Wikipedia pages, External Links have been set (partly by us, partly by Wikipedia Users worldwide) with a link to or as the more detailed and more extensive overview of any topic. A very good example is Cui Jian who has a brief and good enough page on Wikipedia and a really lengthy and detailed one in this wiki. Both aims of both websites are being fulfilled and any interested reader can find its way to whatever he or she wants.

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