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Cui Jian (崔建) - The Godfather of Chinese Rock'N'Roll.

General information about Cui Jian

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Cui Jian

English Name Cui Jian
Chinese Name 崔建 / Cui Jian
Genre Rock
Origin / Present city Beijing / Beijing
This is an artist which could be a band, musical project, solo musician or any other kind of music collective. For a more precise definition, see Category:Artists.

Band members

Cui Jian (Person)

Former band members


In the beginning up to 1989

Cui Jian at Tiananmen Square
Cui Jian

1961: Cui Jian, born on August 2 into an ethnically Korean family, is immediately surrounded by an environment of music and dance. His father is a professional trumpet player and his mother a member of a Korean minority dance troupe.

1975: Begins learning trumpet at age 14.

1981: Lands a job as a classical trumpet player with the prestigious Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra. By this time Cui Jian has also become smitten with the Western rock and roll he is hearing on tapes spirited into the country by tourists and foreign students. Inspired by the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, and John Denver, he learns to play guitar and is soon singing in public.

1984: Cui Jian and six other classical musicians form the band - Seven-Ply Board - playing western pop songs in small restaurants and hotels around Beijing. It is one of the first bands of its kind in China. This year Cui Jian also records his first album, Langzigui - a record of syrupy Chinese pop ballads. Cui Jian does not contribute lyrics and the quality of the recording is thoroughly substandard. However, the record's attempts at progressive arrangements and inventive production are fresh experiments in the world of Chinese pop music. They provide the earliest glimpse of Cui Jian's musical character as it will later emerge. By the mid-1980's the bulk of western rock music has found its way into China's cultural underground and The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Talking Heads, and The Police are influencing Cui Jian to try his own hand at rock'n'roll. His earliest effort is a rock/rap number entitled "It's Not That I Don't Understand".

1985: Cui Jian first attracts attention with an appearance in a Beijing talent contest. Even at this early stage in his career, Cui Jian's songs show a preoccupation with weightier issues than the usual gauzy romantic fantasies expressed in the pop ballads of the day. He dares to address such sensitive topics as individualism and sexuality. To a generation numbed by the deadening propaganda of the Cultural Revolution, the honesty of Cui Jian's lyrics is like a clarion call. And crucially, Cui Jian's tunes rock with an authenticity that other Chinese rockers have not yet successfully internalized.

1986: In May, at a Beijing concert commemorating the Year of World Peace, Cui Jian climbs onto the stage in peasant clothing and belts out his latest composition, "Nothing to My Name‎". As the song ends, a stunned audience erupts in standing ovation. Before long, young people all over China are banging out Cui Jian tunes on beat-up guitars in campus dormitories and coffeehouses.

1987: Cui Jian officially leaves the Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra. He begins working with ADO, an innovative Beijing band that includes two renegade foreign embassy employees - Hungarian bassist Kassai Balazs and Madagascan guitarist Eddie Randriamampionona. These and other foreign musicians introduce Beijing musicians to reggae, blues, and jazz, and their participation brings a rhythmic dynamism to Cui Jian's rough-hewn tunes.


January 23, 1988, Cui Jian performs in Beijing's Forbidden City Concert Hall.

In April he starts recording his ablum Rock'N'Roll On The New Long March at the studio of his record label China Travel Audio-Visual Company with sound engineers 陳慶 and 王昕波. The recording lasted in total roughly 100 days and finished off in February 1989.

In September, China Central Television started to broadcast his performance of Nothing to my name as part of the special live world-wide broadcast for the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul in which Cui Jian participated.

On December 3rd, 1988, he performed in a song contest at the Beijing's Worker Stadium with his song Piece of red cloth.


On March 12th and 13th, 1989, Cui Jian performed in the Beijing Exhibition Center Theater presenting his new record Rock'N'Roll On The New Long March.

On March 19th, Cui Jian participates in the first Asian Popular Music Awards in London, as well as, on April 2nd, the "Printemps de Bourges" Festival in Paris.

In April, with ADO, Cui Jian releases what he considers to be his first real album, Rock'N'Roll On The New Long March. The album includes the first recording of "Nothing To My Name" which remains Cui Jian's best known and most beloved song.

Further in 1989, Cui Jian is awarded outstanding singer during the China International Culture Exchange Center's organized 新时期十年金曲奖 (new era of years Golden Melody Awards) with his song Nothing to my name.

The 1990s

1990: Cui Jian embarks on his Rock'N'Roll On The New Long March tour taking him to arenas throughout the country. Tour profits are to be donated to the upcoming Asian Games in Beijing and huge crowds turn out to see the tour. The tour is canceled midway, but nevertheless achieves something important in that Cui Jian's appearances inspire the formation of dozens of grass-roots rock bands in China's hinterlands. In detail, on January 28, 1990, Cui Jian holds his first no benefit performance for the Beijing Asian Games at Beijing Worker Stadium.[1] and thereafter another on January 29th. In March he started off to Zhengzhou on the 17th, 18th and 19th, visited Wuhan on the 24th, 25th and 26, went on to Xi'an on March 31st and April 1st and has his final stop in Chengdu playing on April 8th, 9th and 10th. Originally planned to also involved Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin and other places, the tour was stopped by government. As Jon Campbell recollects it Cui's behavior and that of the crowds, who were getting increasingly excited as the tour went on[2] were reasons for officials to stop the tour.

1991: Cui Jian releases his second album, Solution, consisting of songs written prior to 1989. Continuing to experiment with his sound, Cui Jian produces Solution with a new band formed from Beijing's growing community of rock musicians, as well as Japanese guitarist Amari Kyosuke who is living in Beijing.

1992: One track from Solution entitled "Wild in the Snow" is made into an MTV video which receives an MTV International Viewers' Choice Award and becomes an instant hit throughout Asia. Cui Jian gives his first performance in Tokyo.

1993: Cui Jian and sixth generation film-maker Zhang Yuan jointly produce the experimental film, Beijing Bastards. In it, Cui Jian plays the role of an underground Beijing rock musician named Cui Jian. He scores the movie's soundtrack. He also performs in Germany and Switzerland on tours with Chinese rock bands Cobra and Tang Dynasty.

1994: Cui Jian releases his third album, Balls Under The Red Flag, featuring exceptional performances from saxophonist, Liu Yuan, and guitarist, Eddie Randriamampionona. The record also highlights a three-piece rhythm section incorporating traditional Chinese percussion and oil drums. He plays a four-city tour of Japan to support the album's release. The tour receives tremendous response from both the Japanese media and audiences. In the same year Cui Jian makes his American debut at the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle.

On May 14th, 1994, B.B. King performed during the opening event of the Hard Rock Cafe Beijing with Cui Jian being shunned out of the ceremony.[3]

1995: Cui Jian is invited to Japan again and plays at the prestigious Budokan Theater in Tokyo. In the autumn, Cui Jian and the Balls Under The Red Flag band embark on their first tour of the United States, performing at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, The Orpheum Theatre in Boston, as well as The Palladium, The Bottom Line, and The Knitting Factory in New York City. The tour receives major press coverage and favorable reviews from the likes of Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Village Voice, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, People, Rolling Stone, MTV, CBS, PBS, and CNN.

1996: Cui Jian and band participate in Denmark's Roskilde Music Festival. Plays over a dozen concerts in China including Hong Kong.

1997: Release of the underground hit single "Get Over That Day" as well as an anthology of greatest hits from the last decade. Produces debut album for Beijing art-rock ensemble, ZiYue. Performs to a sold-out crowd in Seoul.


On January 16th, he rocked the Nanchang Arena. February 13th her performed in the Lanzhou Arena. March 13th he rocked the Poacher's Bar in Beijing. April 3rd he performed at the Babalan Bar in Beijing. April 18th, he rocked the Yutong International Athletic Complex in Shijiazhuang. May 1st he performed in the CD-Cafe in Beijing. June 12th he rocked the TNT Bar in Beijing. In July her performed at a sold-out concert in Kuala Lumpur's Salem together with Tang Dynasty and Compass. July 3rd he rocked Chengdu's Fengxing Club. September 24th, he rocked the French School in Beijing. October 30th he rocked the Blue Danube Bar in Beijing. In November he performed in Xi'an. On December 10th he rocked Yinchuan and on December 18th he performed in Chengdu. Furthermore he released his fourth album, The Power Of The Powerless. A work of digital avant-rock, this record is a marked departure from his previous efforts. Harnessing the semantic density of rap music, Cui Jian sketches China's changing social and economic landscape at the end of the 20th century.


Cui Jian, 1999

On January 12th, he performed in Chengdu with Tian Zhen. On January 18th, he rocked Wuhan. On February 14th, he performed in Beijing's Fei Bar. March 28th he rocked the Artists Club in Beijing. April 23rd he performed in the Half-Dream Pub, Beijing. May 14th he performed in the CD-Cafe Beijing. on June 19th, he performed on the Xinxiang Music Festival in XinXiang (Henan Province). July 3rd, the performed at the American Embassy Independance Day Party in Beijing. July 12th, he rocked Shanghai. July 24th he performed in Hangzhou. In August and September he had his second tour of the USA. Performances at WOMAD Festival in Seattle, The Mayan Theater in Los Angeles, MIT's Kresge Auditorium in Boston, The Bowery Ballroom and Central Park SummerStage in New York City, as well as South Fork Ranch in Dallas and City Stage in Atlanta. On October 16th, he performed in the Rhine Club in Beijing. December 3rd he rocked the Volcano Disco in Beijing. December 11th he performed in Jining (Shandong Province). December 24th, he rocked the National Security Theater in Kunming. December 28th he performed in the Xining Arena in Xining. December 31st he rocked the Qingdao Stadium in Qingdao (25,000 audience). In 1999 in China he also re-releases his first album, Rock'N'Roll On The New Long March.


2000: Cui Jian writes music for the soundtrack of Jiang Wen's controversial movie "Devils At The Doorstep" and attends the movie's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Cui Jian also plays the role of a country music teacher in "The Feelings of Heaven and Earth" directed by Yu Zhong. Cui Jian performs on television and a major stage in Beijing for the first time in 7 years. The Dutch ambassador presents Cui Jian with the prestigious Prince Claus Award for artistic endeavors in the developing world. He plays a total of 28 shows in China this year: January 1st, Beijing Get Lucky Bar. January 18th Guangzhou Tianhe Arena (w/ Tian Zhen). January 23rd Beijing 1950's Bar (w/ Twisted Machine). February 7th Taiyuan, The West Wine City. February 16th Baoji (Shandong) Baoji Arena. February 19th Wenling (Shandong) Wenling Arena. March 28th, Beijing. April 9th Changsha Hunan TV - Cui Jian Live (20,000,000 viewers). April 19th, Luoyang Mudanhua Concert. April 30th, Hohot Arena. May 11th, Beijing The Rhine Club (Zhang Ju Memorial Concert). May 21st, Zibo (Shandong) Zibo Arena. May 26th, Nanjing Shiguang Suidao Disco. June 22nd, Beijing Microsoft Party. July 22nd, Shenzhen: Shenzhen Arena (w/ Tian Zhen). August 4th, Shanzhen Shengbaoluo Bar. August 27th, Changsha Helong Arena (w/ Tian Zhen). September 8, 2000 - Cui Jian his band performed "Flown" at the Anti-Piracy Concert held at Worker's Stadium in Beijing. It was his first large-venue performance in the capital in 7 years. September 9th, Jiayuguan (Zhejiang) Jiayuguan Basketball Arena. September 29th, Guiyang, Guiyang Tiyuguan (w/ Black Chrysalis). October 8th, Changchun, Olympiad Arena (w/ Tian Zhen). October 9th, Beijing Worker's Stadium (Anti-Piracy Concert). October 28th, Jinan (Shandong) Jinan Stadium. November 26th, Beijing The Rhine Club. November 30th, Shanghai, Asian Music Festival Anti-Piracy Show. December 12, 2000 - Cui Jian receives The Prince Claus Award. December 29th, Hongkong, Hong Kong Chinese Television. December 22nd, Zhengzhou, VV Disco. December 24th, Wenzhou, Wenzhou Stadium. December 31st, Hangzhou, Hangzhou Stadium.


2001: For Chinese New Year Cui Jian makes a short tour of Europe, playing medium-sized venues in 4 cities. In February he premieres his dance musical Show Your Colors produced with film director, Zhang Yuan, and the Hong Kong Modern Dance Company. In August Cui Jian tours Europe again playing small clubs and major music festivals in in Cui Jian plays 24 shows this year. On September 28th, he performed in Xi'an. On October 1st he rocked Shilin. On October 27th, he performed in Langfang. From October 29th until November 6th, Cui Jian had been in Phenom Penh (Cambodia).


Cui Jian, Mar 29/30 2002, Chongqing

February 5th, 2002, he performed on Yanbian Television. February 14th and 15th he rocked the Tianjin's Tianjin Sports Arena. On both March 1st and 2nd, he rocked Seoul (incl. a gig in the China Wave). March 9th, he rocked Atlantic City's Bally's Casino in the USA. March 12th and 14th he performed in New York City in Joe's Pub. March 29th and 30th he performed in Chongqing's Reincarnation Disco Pub. June 2nd, he rocked the Pusan Rock Music Festival in Korea. July 12th he performed on the Window-On-The-World Rock Music Festival in Shenzhen. August 10th, he rocked the Jinshatan Square in Qingdao. By summer (August 17th/18th) he organizes and plays the LiJiang Snow Mountain Music Festival 2002, Yunnan - dubbed the "Chinese Woodstock", the event is the highest altitude music festival in the world. September 2nd he performed at the CD-Cafe in Beijing to launch his "Anti-Lipsyncing Movement" - a series of musical/speaking events at universities and other venues throughout China aimed at raising public awareness about the insidious practice of lip syncing pervading China's media. September 6th, he rocked the Chengdiao Square in Dalian. October 20th, he rocked the Nanjing City Television. October 21st, he performed at Nanjing University. October 22nd, he performed at Xuzhou's White Cloud Center. October 23rd, he rocked Hangzhou's Accuar Restaurant. October 25th, he performed at Shanghai's Jazz Club. October 27th he rocked Nanchang's Super New Light City. November 29th, he performed at Yantai Arena in Yantai.


January 18th, 2003, he performed live in Singapore. March 6th, Cui Jian attended the Rolling Stones "FORTY LICKS" Tour Press Conference at Beijing Kunlun Hotel, as he was thought of to open for The Rolling Stones.


Cui Jian, Shanghai, The Ark, 2004, photo: Yoshito Katori
Cui Jian, Shanghai, The Ark, 2004, photo:Yoshito Katori

In February, 2004, Cui Jian toured through Germany stopping in Erfurt's Messehalle (February 5), Leipzig's Arena (February 6), Dortmund's Westfallenhalle (February 7), Magdeburg's Bordelandhalle (February 8), Frankfurt's Jahrhunderthalle (February 9), Rostock's Stadthalle (February 11), Bremen's Stadthalle 7 (February 12), Hamburg's Color Line Arena (February 13), Hannover's Stradionsporthalle (February 14) and in Berlin's Berlin Arena (February 15).

March & April, Cui Jian joined foreign acts Deep Purple on their 2004 China tour with concerts on March 31st in Beijing, April 2nd in Shanghai and April 4th in Guangzhou.

On May 14th, Cui Jian rocked with his band in Shenyang's Liaoning Arena.

On 6th August, 2004, the 2nd anniversary celebration of Anti-Lip-sync Campaign was held at Fenghua Yuan Outdoor Car Cinema. The bands participated in the event were Cuijian and his band, Brain Failure, Yaksa, Sand, Sick Pupa, Wan Xiaoli, Glorious Pharmacy and longmenzhen band. On 8th August, 2004, Cuijian and his band participated in a big musical festival titled “The Brightly Path of Chinese Rock” on Mount Helan of Yinchuan in Ninxia.

On 21st August, 2004, more than four thousands of Cuijian’s fans gathered under one roof to enjoy a fun evening full of live and astonishing rock music performed none other by their favorite artist, Cuijian in “Taike + Jiahui, Cuijian’s Changzhi Concert 2004” organized at Shanxi province Changzhi Huaihai Indoor Stadium.

On 26th September, 2004, Cuijian was awarded the “World Peace Musical Award” in San Francisco, USA. This award encouraged and acknowledged the contributions of Best Musicians in promoting world peace through their works and their achievements in the music industry.

On 10th October, 2004, in the first event of The Sound of Asia – The Cultural Festival of Science and Technology in Sound Recording, Cuijian was awarded the Best Rock Music Recording Award by the juries with his work titled “The Story of a Small Town”.

On 10th December, 2004, Cuijian and his band performed live at the new Get Lucky Bar, Beijing. The TV Program of “Weishi Xianfeng a.k.a Satelite Premier” from Travel Channel covered and aired the event on 31st December at 8pm.(Photo by Songxiaohui)


Cui Jian, Sep 24, Beijing, photo: 六哥
Cui Jian, Sep 24, Beijing, photo: 六哥
Fans entering the Cui Jian concert, Nov, Lhasa, photo: Cui Jian Homepage

Cuijian’s fifth individual album titled Show You Colour distributed by Jingwen Records, has been released nationwide on 28th March 2005. The new album is divided into three main themes represented by three colors, which are red, yellow and blue. Red symbolizes the heart (inner feelings), blue symbolizes intelligence and yellow symbolizes love. This album includes various genres of music, such as Pop, Rock, Techno, Hip-hop, etc.

Cuijian's “Show You Colour” new album premier release and press conference was held at Beijing Changfu Hotel. It was attended voluntarily by some 200 journalists / media reporters on the 29th. March 2005. Cuijian took the opportunity to answer questions from the media based on his new album.

On 16th April 2005 at 2pm, the autograph and sales session of Cuijian's new album entitled “Show You Colour” was held at Level 1 of Beijing Xidan Bookstore. Throughout Cuijian's 20 years of musical journey, this was one of the very few and rare autograph sessions with his fans. Hundreds of Cuijian's fans, many of them middle aged and from the provinces, were queuing in line for several hours just to get a face-to-face meeting with their idol. According to them, they have been listening to Cujian's songs for almost 20 years and they still continue to enjoy listening to his music. Many fans came with their various collections of Cuijian's albums over the years, seeking for his autograph.

On the evening of 14th May, 2005, Cuijian and Wang Lei had participated in the performance organised in conjunction with DaShan Zi Art Festival' with two other sound designers. The live stereo performance combining both audio and visual effects took place at Run Club, Dashan Zi 798 Factory Area, at 9:00pm.

On May 29th, Cui Jian first gave a solo concert and press conference at Hongyi Hotel, Wuhan at around 8:30am, then at 10am he visited the Main Hall of the University of Wuhan until he gave autographs and entered a sales session of his new album titled “Show You Color”, at Zhong Bai Chang Chu中百仓储, Youyi Lu of Hankou, at 2pm.

On the night of Jun.3, the special concert of Cui Jian was hosted in Hongshan Gymnasium in Wuhan. The concert, which followed his brand new album “Give You A Color”, was his first concert in the last six years. In the concert, Cui Jian extemporized around twenty pieces of various periods, including “Nothing Do I Have”, “Rock’n’Roll on the New Long March”, “Girl in Greenhouse”, “Mr Red”. The passionate performance of Cui Jian evoked the enthusiasm of all the audience. At the end of the concert, because of the unrefusable enthusiasm, the band had to make the curtain call for twice.

On Jul.1, 2005, Cui Jian and his band attended the “Great Concert on the 60th Anniversary of the Victory of World Anti-Fascist War”. Other bands attending the concert were Zheng Jun and his band, Tang Dynasty, Huang Guanzhong and Sweat, Second-Handed Rose, Gao Qi and Overload, etc. As the last one to perform, Cui Jian’s band enjoyed the overwhelming applaud of the audience, which exalted the atmosphere of the concert to the zenith.

On Jul.16, 2005, Cui Jian and his band attended the great show of “Fashion Storm — Verse of Global Exhibition” hosted in Kunming, Yunnan. In the passionate hails of the fans in Kunming, Cuijian extemporized “Mr Red”, “Let Me Be Crazy On The Snow”, “Fly Away”, “Soul of Great Wall”, “Nanniwan” and “Over That Day”.

On Jul.29, 2005, Cui Jian and his band attended the great performance of “Carnivalesque Party of 1 VS 120,000” hosted in Beihai, Guangxi.

On July 31st, Cui Jian organizes the Gegentala Inner Mongolia Festival. There were over twenty first-rank bands in the field of China’s Rock that took part in the fete, which included Dou Wei & Unnecessarily, Second Hand Rose Band, Muma, Brain Failure, Miserable Faith and Soundtoy.

On Aug.6, 2005, the celebration on the 3rd Anniversary of Cui Jian-launched Sing by Yourself Movement got underway in Fenghuayuan Auto-cinema in Beijing. In the hails of various media and audience, Cui Jian announced that it symbolized a staggered victory of the movement that the newly modified Managing Ornament of Performance Business enacts withdrawal of licence as punishment on deceptive singing in commercial performances. After that, Cui Jian sang some of his songs, including “Mr Red”, “Fly Away”, “Egg below the Red Flag” and “Beijing Story”. There were many other famous bands and singers who gave excellent performances that night, including Gao Qi, Jiang Xin, Shuimunianhua & Manyan, Xie Tianxiao & Cold Blooded Animal, Yan, AK-47, Lonely Summer Day, Hang On The Box, Ensconce and The Verse.

On Sep.24, 2005, Cui Jian held his concert in Beijing Capital Stadium, which was his first concert in this stadium in the last 12 years. Cui Jian personally named the concert as “Dream in the Sun”. He said, “It seems that all that’s impossible to happen has happened thanks to those who still hold their dreams. This concert is dedicated to people who still stick to their dreams.” The atmosphere of the whole concert was filled with extraordinary excitement and zealousness. All the songs, from the opening song “Mr. Red” to the ending “A Piece of Red Cloth” and “Nothing Do I Have”, wan enthusiastic applause and acclaim from all the audience. (Photo Gallery)

On the evening of Oct.11,2005, Cui Jian and his band performed in the 2nd Grand Ceremony of Asian Music, which was held in the Society Stadium in Pushan, Korea. Once Cui Jian showed up on the stage, the atmosphere of the whole stadium was full of zenith. Two songs: “Beijing Story” and “Dancing across Line 38” were dedicated by Cui Jian and his band. The fans rocked with the music, making the atmosphere impressively enthusiastic. When Cui Jian saluted in Korean to the audience, telling them that his mother was born in Pushan, another hot wave was raised among the fans: they hailed “I love you” in Chinese altogether, which overwhelmed the whole stadium.

On Oct.27, 2005, Cui Jian Band LIVE , Gunjudibar, ShenZhen. On Oct.29, 2005, Cui Jian Band LIVE , JZCLUB, ShangHai.

On November 4th, Cui Jian attended the Rock to Lasa show at the “White Snow Pile” Music Pub in Tibet. For years, Cui Jian and his band have put their foot around the whole country as well as over the world. This is the first time that Cui Jian and his band performed in the field of Tibet, bring the Tibetan fans the most direct, the most authentic and the most heartquaking rock music and new culture!

On Nov.15, Cuijian’s solo concert and press conference at NanJing.

On Dec.2, 2005, Cui Jian presented himself in the press conference of the movie The Unique Story. As the director, he is expected to direct a 3min-lasting story, which is entitled as The Years of Repairing Maidenhead and will be shown on the web in the end of this year.

On the evening of Dec.3,2005, Wutaishan Stadium in Nanjing witnessed Cui Jian’s Special Concert—Dream in the sunshine. It was his first time to perform in Nanjing in the past 13 years. With strong enthusiasm and surrounded by Cui Jian’s overwhelming music, over 6000 old and new fans experienced the wild feeling. Thunders of applauds and hails were through the whole concert. At the end of the concert, nearly all the spectators stood up, rocking at the rhythm of the music.


Jan.6, 2006: Cui Jian and his band attended 2005 "Internet Entertainment Heroes" Awarding Ceremony of Tom Online's Honor Carnival, in which Cui Jian was awarded as "the Most Qualified Singer for Concert". In the ceremony, Cui Jian sang Mr.Red and Beijing Story, greatly warming the atmosphere. Cui Jian, who expressed his persistence in "real singing", hired a professional sound engineer to take charge of web live broadcasting of this performance.

April 2nd, 2006: Cui Jian attended the 6th Pepsi Top Music Awarding Ceremony hosted in Beijing Exhibition Theatre. When he was awarded as the Best Rock Musician, all the artists stood up applauding. Cui Jian said that he hoped there would be awards for musicians on live music.

April 8th, 2006: With the invitation, Cui Jian attended Rolling Stones’s concert in Shanghai. When the music of the classic song of Rolling Stones Wild Horse started, the honored guest Cui Jian, with his guitar, sang the song together with Rolling Stones. After that, Cui Jian said excitedly, “ This year is the 20th anniversary of China’s Rock’ n Roll. .I’m very grateful that Rolling Stones has come. I’ve made an appointment with them. They will come back to China and we will meet in Beijing!”

April 22, 2006 Cui Jian Band LIVE ,Jin chi niao Bar, Xi'An.

May 15th, 2006 Cui Jian presented himself as a guest in the interview room of Yahoo, talking with the web acquaintances about his feeling and experience during the twenty years when he devotes himself to the rock music

May 24th, 2006 in the evening, Cui Jian and his band gave a small concert called “Cui Jian Rock on Live 2006” in HK, which was played by unplugged. As the band of highest quality in China, Cui Jian and his band conquered the whole audience by their delicate performance.

June 18th, 2006 Cui Jian and his band attended "If The Twenty Years Came Again" hosted in Shenyang.

On the night of July 15th,2006,Cui Jian and the band gave an unplugged live show in Beijing Starshine, where over 1000 fans vividly experienced the powerful music of Cui Jian and the band. The whole 2-hour concert was wonderful: from the first song <Mr.Red>, the fans had begun to rock with Cui Jian. The atmosphere became hottest when it came to <Fake Monk> and <Wild on the snow>.All the fans sang with Cui Jian,waving their hands and swaying their bodies. Finally thanks to the passion of the fans, there were altogether four encores.

July 21,2006 Cui Jian and the band attended South China Rock Festival hosted in the Window of the World in Shenzhen. During the performance, some excited fans couldn’t help running onto the stage on the purpose of embracing Cui Jian. After nearly an hour’s exciting performance, Cui Jian finished the concert with Wild in Snow. But then with the strong demand of encore, he sang I Have Nothing together with the fans. After that, Cui Jian and the band members bowed to the audience hand in hand.

July 29,2006 Cui Jian and the band attended Night of Chinese Acoustic Music. Cui Jian's music was performed with acoustic instruments.

August 12,2006 Cui Jian and the band attended the Opening Ceremony of the 16th Qingdao International Beer Festival.

Sep.12,2006, at the 2nd session cultural festival of“Sound of Asia” hosted in Guangzhou, Cui Jian ranked among the “top ten tech raider”. And his rock song “City boatman” was awarded Excellent Recording of Musical Works.

On October 3, 2006, Cui Jian and his band attended First Rock Gathering of China which be held in Zengcheng, Guangdong province.

Dec.17, 2006, Cui Jian and the band gave a thrilling rock & roll performance at the Funiu mountain ski resort, Luanchuan, Luoyang.

Dec.18, 2006, 2006 Tom online glorious ceremony of “Internet·Recreation·Heroes” Gathering was held at Beijing Exhibition Theater.Cui Jian was awarded the Mainland Strength Male Singer of the most popular singers.

Dec.24, 2006, Cui Jian and the band gave Christmas rock & roll performance at Xi’an Datang Furong Garden.

Dec.30, 2006, Cui Jian and the band attended the Glorious Ceremony of China’s Ten Years’ Recreation to be held in Tianhe Gymnasium in Guangzhou.

Dec.31, 2006, Cui Jian and the band gave a special concert! Venue: Base Bar (Nanshan),Shenzhen


March 25, 2007 Cui Jian and his band attended <Super Concert> of Hunan TV: Sing for the Olympics and Light the Holy Fire. They gave an exciting performance to welcome the olympics.

July 4, 2007 Cui Jian and his band attended the Opening Ceremony of International Women’s Football Tournament 2007 which was held in the Olympic Sports Center in Shenyang.

July 8, 2007 evening Cui Jian and his band participated in the 8th Gongliao Hohaiyan Music Festival and gave a grand finale performance. Taiwan Color Music who is the sponsor had invited Cui Jian to attend this festival for eight successive years. With all the twists and turns, this year the formality was gone through finally and Cui Jian was invited successfully. The day of performance with thunderous applause of the whole audience, Cui Jian gave a passionate performance more than one hour. The excited fans had begun to sway their bodies along with the music and the last song “Nothing to My Name” was became the chorus of the whole audience which was quite a shocking scene. When the performance ended, Cui Jian came on stage once again with the continuous encore and sang “Solution” and “Greenhouse Girl”. With the bandsman he said “We love Taiwan”, which painted a perfect ending for the performance.

2007, Sep 9th: Cui Jian was invited to attend the press conference of 2007 Beijing Pop Festival on 30th July, 2007. And he gave an exciting performance in the festival on 9th Sep evening.. The 2007 Beijing Pop Festival featured the best ever lineup to play: “Nine Inch Nails”, the world’s top band; “Public Enemy”, the greatest hip hop group in history; Marky Ramone, the only surviving member of the band “Ramones”which is the originator of the current wave of popular punk; “New York Dolls”, the pioneer of gorgeous rock style; Brett Anderson, the frontman of the “Suede”, etc.. Cui Jian expressed that it would be a good chance to let international musician know about Chinese rock.

13th Sep 2007: Cui Jian was invited to attend a program Behind the Headlines with Wen Tao(锵锵三人行) of Phoenix TV.

4th Oct, 2007: Cui Jian and his band participated in the 2nd Snow Mountain Festival which was launched at Lijiang in Yunnan province. Five years has passed since the 1st Snow Mountain Festival launched in 2002. Last time, as an organizer and music director, Cui Jian has made a good beginning for the festival and obtained good reputation. This time, Cui Jian express that he would like to be a pure performer and he will pay attention to essential of music.

Oct. 6, 2007: Cui Jian and the band attended Korean Festival at Seoul, Korea.

7th Oct. 2007: Cui Jian and the band participated in JZFestival which was launched at Tong Yuefang in Shanghai.

December 1,2007: Cui Jian invited to attend Awards evening of the "Chinese Culture" Personality of the Year which was hosted by "Oriental Morning Post" in Shanghai. Cui Jian won the Special Award of Music Culture, and his passionate performance with the band showed the charisma of the real music scene for the audience.


Cui Jian 2008

On January 5 evening, 2008 Cui Jian's personal concert Evening of the Times 2008 which is also the first concert in Beijing and 2008——the Olympic year, showed at Beijing Workers Palaestra passionately. Cui Jian syncretized the Brazilian Samba and modern dance together in his concert which had aroused strong reaction from audience. Some directors such as Jiang Wen, Gu Changwei and Zhang Yang etc, were presented to boosting him. In the almost 3 hours performance, the scene that the whole audience sang all together appeared time and again. When Cui Jian performed his classical songs such as "A Piece of Red Cloth", "Greenhouse Girl", "Let Me Go Wild in the Snow" and "Fake Monk", it is nearly ten thousand audience sang in chorus. The atmosphere arrived at acme when the tune of "I Have Nothing" sounded and Cui Jian returned to stage and at the same time, the entire audience seethed with excitement. Twenty-two years ago, Cui Jian stood at the place which is just as same as today's——Beijing Workers Palaestra and sang the same song——"I have nothing" to marking an epoch in Chinese Rock 'n' Roll. This is the real great significance of such concert. "Starting from scratch" at the initial place, undoubtedly, Cui Jian is showing his great resolution and belief of marking a new epoch to the world.

April 26, 2008 "Evening of The Times", Cui Jian's Concert come to the first stop of the National Tour cities——Chengdu.

Cui Jian and the band performed at San Jose Convention Center, South Hall in Silicon Valley. This is the first time in four years after Cui Jian once came to North America and the first time he held concert in San Francisco Bay Area. There were about 6,000 fans at the scene; a few Chinese even wore red cloth. When Cui Jian changed one of the classical lyrics of Chinese “1, 2, 3……”in “Rock'n'Roll on the New Long March” into English “one, two, three……”, the whole audiences joined in chorus. There were tears in some people’s eyes when Cui Jian sang “My body is here/ where are my ideals?”

May 4th, 2008 Cui Jian and the band performed passionfully at Stanford University. Although there are only 1,000 seats at the theater of the University, about 1,500 fans assembled outside, even the aisle and gangway were full of fans. The atmosphere of the performance was very hot; all of the audiences were watching the performance on their feet. After three encores, Cui Jian greeted the students in the end,” If I could be as young as my twenty years ago, I wish I could come to study at Stanford University” which won a storm of applause.

May 22, 2008, “Get Over That Day”——Benefit Performance for Earthquake Relief, which is co-sponsored by Cui Jian and CRI (CHINARADIO INTERNATIONAL) and jointly organized by HIT FM, Beijing East and West Music Art Production Co. Ltd., Star Live and China Charity Federation was held at Beijing Star Live Concert Hall. Cui Jian and the band, Wang Feng, Zheng Jun, Lao Lang, Ye Bei, Ai Jing,Zi Yue band, Lonely China Day(Ji Mo Xia Ri) band and Sambasia Drum Team gave a soulful performance together which lasted for more than four hours. The benefit performance raised total 415,810 yuan RMB which includes 364,600 yuan RMB tickets income and the donation from the audience and guests. All income and donation will be donated to disaster area through China Charity Federation.

July 25,2008 Cui Jian and his band attended the FMM Sines.

August 23, 2008 Beijing Xin Haoyun.

September 29, 2008, Cui Jian and the band participated in the International Festival at Longshui Lake in Chongqing Municipality.

October 22, 2008, Cui Jian and the band participated in the 5th China-ASEAN Expo and the opening ceremony of the 10th Nanning Festival of International Folksong Arts which was held in Nanning, Guangxi province.

October 26, 2008, Cui Jian and the band participated in the Shanghai International Art Festival.

November 1st, 2008, Cui Jian was invited to present himself at “Goethe Night”—20th anniversary of the Goethe-institute. Cui was awarded as “Goethe Angel” and led the band giving an exciting performance to the audience to celebrate the anniversary.

December 23rd, 2008, Cui Jian was invited to present himself at the press conference and shoot a film of 《Chengdu, I Love You》. Cui said that he wants to describe a unique story about the love in the city of Chengdu and represent the moving sight in Whenchuan earthquake by the video.


Cui Jian at the Midi 2009 festival, May 1st 2009, photo (c) 转载自—新浪娱乐
Cui Jian, October 31st 2009, Shenzhen, photo (c) 北京东西音乐艺术制作公司
Cui Jian, December 4th 2009, Taipeh (Taiwan), photo: (c) Cui Jian Homepage
Cui Jian, Christmas 2009, Beijing Exhibition Center, photo (c) 北京东西音乐艺术制作公司

2009 Feb. 7 night, Cui Jian and the band were invited to perform at the activity 'A gathering of heroes' which was held by 'Mercedes-Benz' at Sanya city. The atmosphere reached climax when Cui Jian gave the finale performance to audience. After singing 'Get over that day', 'Greenhouse girl' and 'Here we got space', Cui Jian gave several encores and sang the 'Let me go wild in the snow' for the excited audience.

October 24, 2009, "China's first rock and roll MIDI Award" dropped the curtain. At the prize presentation ceremony, a special Contribution to China Rock award was awarded to Cui Jian in praise of him who has made an outstanding contribution to rock and roll scene in China. Cui Jian was not able to attend the ceremony because he was on his China Tour, 2009; however, Cui Jian recorded a VCR in particular to congratulate the prize presentation ceremony.

Cui Jian started the ROCK'N'ROLL ON THE NEW LONG MARCH V21-Cui Jian Tour 2009 on October 24th in Yantai. The concert ended with loud cheering perfectly at the first stop of tour 2009 in Yantai city. Yantai Grand Theater became a heaven for rock. Cui Jian sang for nearly 2 hours and gave two encores to end the concert

October 26, 2009, “Rock'n'Roll on the New Long March”, Cui Jian Live Concert ignited the atmosphere of Changzhou Grand Theater. In the concert, Cui Jian performed “Balls under the Red Flag”, “Do it all over again”, “Blue Bone” and other songs. When music approached a climax, many local audience and fans from other place in China stood up waving arms with his song. The entire concert became sea of joy. Cui Jian said on the stage that both the audience’s enthusiasm and the acoustics in Grand Theater are the best in recent performances.

October 29, “ROCK'N'ROLL ON THE NEW LONG MARCH V21-Cui Jian Tour 2009” came to Huizhou. With almost no melody shout, Cui Jian on the stage belted out many unforgettable lyrics. Time suddenly froze at that moment; everyone felt blood pulsing through their veins. Huizhou began to rock! When the music of “City Boatman” sounded, more than a thousand audiences called Cui Jian’s name! “Reality is like a stone, spirit is like an egg……” Cui Jian’s sound made a quiet moment at the scene, and then caused uproar in an instant. When Cui Jian put down his guitar and let all the audiences stand up and dance with him, the entire fans went crazy ……

October 31st, Shenzhen, every seat in Poly Theater is occupied on the performance day. Cui Jian opened the concert with “Balls under the Red Flag”. The atmosphere was charged with excitement from beginning to end. In the nearly 2 hours show, Cui Jian brought his most welcome songs which triggered the chorus of fans. When he sang classic songs such as “Rock and Roll on the New Long March” and “Greenhouse Girl”, over 1,000 audiences began to sing in chorus. Cui Jian also performed “Blue Bone”, “Slackers” and some other new works.

November 2nd, Dongguan, “I have asked you endless, when will you go with me? ……”Cui Jian’s sound made the entire audiences stand up and wave their arms shouting”Nothing to my name”. It is the most moved scene in Yulan Grand Theater of “ROCK'N'ROLL ON THE NEW LONG MARCH V21-Cui Jian Tour 2009” Dongguan stop, November 2, 2009. In the concert, Cui Jian brought his classic hits from 80’s in 20 century. The scene of chorus by the entire fans appeared several times, especially when Cui Jian performed “Nothing to my name”, “Rock and Roll on the New Long March”, “Greenhouse Girl” and other classic songs. Beside these songs, Cui Jian brought “Blue Bone”, “Dream in the sunshine”, “Slackers” and many other new works to local audiences who relived that unforgettable period of their own crazy time.

November 5th, “ROCK'N'ROLL ON THE NEW LONG MARCH V21-Cui Jian Tour 2009” came to Wuhan. Local fans are still enthusiastic. “Cui Jian! Cui Jian!” Thunder-like applauses exploded in the theater. When all of the audiences stood up waving arms, Cui Jian was touched and he changed the lyrics: “I realize I can't leave you, oh, Wuhan!” At last, Cui Jian gave two encores. “Wuhan, an important rock city and I will be back!” Cui Jian said at the end of the concert.

The evening of November 7, “ROCK'N'ROLL ON THE NEW LONG MARCH V21-Cui Jian Tour 2009” is on at Henan Art Center Theater in Zhengzhou. All seats are occupied by Cui Jian’s staunch fans. This is not the first time to watch his concert for most of them. They hold high the banner says “Cui Jian, show me some color!” which stands for their support. More fans carrying their own “Piece of Red Cloth”, wave their arms with Cui Jian’s singing. Finally, “ROCK'N'ROLL ON THE NEW LONG MARCH V21-Cui Jian Tour 2009” finished successfully.

On November 18, 2009, Cui Jian attended a press conference for “Rock and Roll on the New Long March V21” Beijing Concert in Beijing. The concert will be held on December 24, 2009. Singer Ai Jing and Cheng Lin appeared in the conference and presented a gift for Cui Jian. 20 years later, Cui Jian’s once again returned to the stage of Beijing Exhibition Center. Cui Jian said frankly that his rock&roll spirit has not changed, once he find the release point, such spirit would be completely broke out.

In the evening of December 4, 2009, Cui Jian “Rock’n’Roll on the New Long March V21” Tour 2009 came to Taipei. This is the last stop before the final stop, the upcoming Beijing Concert on December 24, on his Tour Schedule. It is the first time for Cui Jian to hold such a mini-concert which held in “Legacy TAIPEI” Showcase Center in Taipei. During the almost 2 hours performance, Cui Jian represented many classic songs like “Nothing to My Name”, “Rock’n’Roll on the New Long March” and “Greenhouse Girl”. The concert ended with “Solve”. Taiwan media said it was “the Rock’n’Roll baptism of Cross-generation, Cross-Straits”. Many Taiwanese musicians like Harlem Yu (Yu Chengqing), Chang Chen-yue (Zhang Zhenyue), MC HotDog, Chen Qizhen, Zhang Xuan, Tarcy Su (Su Huilun), Chan Shan-ni, Yang Naiwen, Huang Dawei, Wang Zhiping, A-Xiang, etc. came to the scene. The well-known poet Lung Ying-tai also appeared in the audience.

In the evening of December 24, 2009, the last concert of Cui Jian Rock’n’Roll on the New Long March V21 Tour 2009 held in Beijing Exhibition Center. As always, Cui Jian’s songs like “Balls under the Red Flag”,”Fake Monk” and “The Opportunist” and other classic songs created a climax at the scene. The entire audiences were totally crazy during the whole concert. 20 years later, Cui Jian returned to Beijing Exhibition Center once again. Comparing with 20 years ago, the white hat sewed with a red five-pointed star, the band and “Nothing to My Name”, nothing had changed. As long as he picks up the guitar, Cui Jian would give us tremendous passion.


Cui Jian, May 2010, Japan, photo (c) 爱想事儿
Cui Jian, June 2010, Shanghai World Expo, photo (c) Cui Jian Homepage

The evening of May 7, 2010, Cui Jian and the band held a concert successfully at Kawaguchi City of Saitama Prefecture in Japan. This is the second time for Cui Jian to come to Japan for his own concert after 1995. As a special guest, Amari Kyosuke, the Former band member, sang "Wild on the Snow" with Cui Jian jointly. Performance venues: 川口リリア総合文化センター (Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture)

June 5, 2010, Cui Jian and the band performed in a “Green” Low-carbon Concert held in Shanghai World Expo Park. As an ambassador for the annual Earth Hour campaign of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Cui Jian requested the lights be turned off many times while he performed. On the stage with the absence of lights, Cui Jian led the audience to sing in a loud. On the concert, Cui Jian performed many his classic songs like “Balls under the Red Flag”, “Get over that day”, “Blue Bone” and “Start Again”.

June 8, 2010, Cui Jian attended the opening ceremony of Holisland Rock Festival, which was held in Suzhou city. During his performance on July 18 evening, Cui Jian has brought fans a whole new audio-visual experience! Although it began to rain heavily on that day, everyone joined in the chorus of each song with Cui Jian.

September 3 and 4, 2010, a two-day Qipanshan Rock Festival ended. In the past two days, 14 domestic top rock band including Cui Jian, Zheng Jun, Zhang Chu and Yip Sai Wing, gathered in Shenyang Qipanshan and brought a feast of rock and roll to local fans. Cui Jian and the band appeared at the grand finale and performed 7 songs including "Blue Bone". With the fans cheering, Cui Jian performed his classical masterpiece “Nothing to My Name” as encore. At the moment the whole audience left seat, cried and swayed to his music.

Written and directly by Cui Jian, Blue Bone is shooting in Beijing now and Chris Doyle worked as photographer in the film. December 1, the media was invited to visit the set of the film for the first time. Doyle use endless rock to describe this movie and Cui Jian is also full of confidence on this film. Blue Bone, based on Cui Jian’s song Lost Season for the spiritual thread, tells three love stories of two generations through the Cultural Revolution period and modern times. According to Cui Jian’s presentation, the film is his masterpiece to dedicate to youth and love. With Cui Jian’s same name song Blue Bone throughout the film, the film Blue Bone is divided into three chapters

On November 4, 2010 Cui Jian and the Beijing Symphony Orchestra conductor Tan Lihua attend a press conference at the Beijing Workers' Gymnasium.

December 18, 2010, Cui Jian and the band were invited to perform at Shenzhen Concert Hall. The evening concert in Shenzhen is a large gathering of Cui Jian’s fans. They followed with Cui Jian, sang those old songs. Thousands of audiences were singing in chorus and identified with the atmosphere on stage which showed lots of touching moments in the concert. It is understood that for the concert in Shenzhen, Cui Jian has brought the most sophisticated production team, sound, lighting or video effects, all emerged as the highest-quality in domestic and melt into with his original music which made music powerful and expressive.

December 31, 2010 and January 1, 2011 Cui Jian presented two concerts entitled “New Year's Concert of Rock Symphony”in collaboration with conductor Tan Lihua and the Beijing Symphony Orchestra at the Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium. As a representative figure in Chinese rock and roll and a person who has touched countless people, Cui Jian chooses to cooperate with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, which was his former unit, is a great new and funny ideas for a concert. The performance began with “Tolerate”, then Cui Jian’s classical songs like “Lost Season” and “Blue Bone” promoted the concert reaching its climax. When Cui Jian performed “Nothing to My Name”, “A Piece of Red Cloth” and “Greenhouse Girl”, all of the audiences sung in chorus. The “Rock’n’Roll on the New Long March” led them to fall madly in rock. During the concert, the symphony and the rock complement each other and the audiences became infatuated with rock symphony. At the end, Cui Jian gave three encores and won a very warm and intense ovation.


July 23rd 2011, Cui Jian, in Jinan at the Night of the Times 2011 - Cui Jian Concert. Photo (c) 宋晓辉

On July 23, 2011, after an absence of 19 years, Cui Jian finally held his second concert entitled "Night of the Times 2011 - Cui Jian Concert " in Jinan city. Cui Jian's voice was still sonorous and forceful for the local audiences, and he played nearly 20 songs in 2 hours like "Wild on the snow", "Balls under the red flag", "Blue bone", "A piece of red cloth", "Rolling egg", etc. Halfway through the concert, Cui Jian invited more than 10 female fans dancing, which made the atmosphere of the concert approach climax. Subsequently, "Nothing to my name", the song made fans crazy in 19 years ago, performed by Cui Jian which pushed the atmosphere reach climax and more than 6,000 audiences singing with arm waving. The concert was ended with "Rock and roll on the New Long March", but Cui Jian got 3 times encore, he played "Greenhouse girl", "Like a knife" and "the city of springs" was again ignited by the passion of rock.

July 30, 2011, Cui Jian and the band took part in "WHITE DOLPHIN MUSIC FESTIVAL"in Xiamen city.

July 31, 2011, Cui Jian and the band were invited to participate in the "INMUSIC FESTIVAL 2011". Cui Jian's performance led to a chorus of fans, and atmosphere of the festival reached climax on the last day of the festival.

Mostly taken from Cui Jian's homepage.

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