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DISSONANCE presents: Beijing punk, Washington DC-based radio show episode featuring Beijing punk

General Information

Released: Tue, 17 November 2009

URL: http://dissonance.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=550629

Download URL: http://media.libsyn.com/media/dissonance/Dissonance_11-17-09_Chinese_punk.mp3


DISSONANCE is a biweekly music and talk show broadcasting Tuesday nights at 10:00 on community station Radio CPR, 97.5 FM in Washington, DC, hosted by Danger Mike. Each episode features a different guest from the DC music and creative community who serves as guest DJ, picking the show's playlist and answering questions. New episodes are available for free download here the following Wednesday.


Interviews: Zhang Shou Wang (Carsick Cars), Yang Hai Song (P.K. 14), Matthew Niederhauser (Sound Kapital)


  • Demerit - Beijing Is Not My Home
  • Demerit - Bastards of the Nation
  • Demerit - Fight Your Apathy
  • Interview with Matthew Niederhauser
  • Carsick Cars - Zhi Yuan De Ren
  • Carsick Cars - Mo Gu
  • Carsick Cars - Zhong Man Hai
  • Carsick Cars - Guang Chang
  • Carsick Cars - You Can Listen You Can Talk
  • Interview with Shou Wang
  • P.K. 14 - 28th Shadow
  • P.K. 14 - They
  • P.K. 14 - Speaking Wounds
  • P.K. 14 - Hurry
  • P.K. 14 - Sweet Raindrop
  • Interview with Yang Hai Song
  • Xiao He - MTV

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