Dark Dreams (Dreaming)

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General Information

Artist: Dou Wei with the Dreaming band
Title: Dark Dreams / 黑梦 (Hei Meng)
Release Date: 1994, May (first release)
Label: 上海声像出版社
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: Y-1131,ISRC CN-E04-94-325-00/A・J6(CT版)
Language: Chinese with parts in English

Track Listing

  1. Longer Tomorrow (明天更漫长)
  2. Black Dream (or: Dark Dreams) (黑色梦中)
  3. And you ... (还有你)
  4. Happy phone call (开心电话)
  5. Predestined (从命)
  6. Time of sensuality (感觉时刻)
  7. A dream of misery (悲伤的梦)
  8. Be good, Boy! (噢!乖)
  9. The higher being (高级动物)
  10. God blesses me (上帝保佑)


(c) Jack Tang (5 out of 5 stars)

This is Dou Wei's first solo effort after he left Hei Bao and briefly fronting Zuo Meng (Dreaming). The style of this album is totally different from his Hei Bao days. Just like the title implies, when you listen to this album, you will find yourself immersed in Dou Wei's dream world. The continuously flowing music has a "spacey" feel to it. It is like a stream of dreams, sometimes dark, sometimes bright, but always amazingly beautiful. The album fuses elements from rock, pop, folk, and electronic music. The resulting style is a totally unique one. Others have used "post-punk" to describe his style. I don't know what "post-punk" is supposed to be, so I don't know how well such description fits Dou Wei's music. From his thoughtful and sometimes philosophical lyrics, well-crafted melodies, and carefully constructed arrangements, we can hear Dou Wei's happiness (Darling's Phone,开心电话), misery (A Dream of Misery 悲伤的梦), longing for love (And You...还有你), and despair in mankind and fate(The Higher Being 高级动物, Predestined 从命). This is really a very refreshing Chinese rock album. I consider his style to be a kind of "alternative" music in China. (With no relation to the alternative music style in the West, of course.)

What's great:

Great vocal performance. Cool and totally unique music.

What's no-so-great:

Only ten songs? I want more!


Further information

  • Douban page
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