Di Di Di (Hang on the Box)

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General Information

Artist: Hang on the Box
Title: Di Di Di
Release Date: 2003, July
Label: Scream Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: SP-007
Language: English

Track Listing

  1. I'm Mine
  2. Now I Wanna Say Apology To You
  3. Leave Me
  4. We Don`t Need A Sax
  5. Summer Time
  6. What Is Now
  7. Be My Seed
  8. Spring Out
  9. Blue Like The Sea
  10. Di Di Di
  11. There Is A City
  12. Konchiwa Tokyo


(c) Audrey from BENTEN Label

If you already have their 1st album "YELLOW BANANA", you will see how they grown up, I mean not only their sound but mentally too. It seems they have found their own music style. It is going to be still changing same as their live performance. They are wizard of music. "Di Di Di" has everything, Pop,Punk, Rock'n'Roll, Dance, New wave, Groove, Lounge, Rave and Blues. What I most love is their attitude and spirit are really punk and still girly. Try Hang On The Box magic! - link

Further information

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