Dragonradio no. 029

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Dragonradio no. 029

General information

Moderator: Tony Reno of Dragonradio

Published: November 30th, 2005

Related blog post: http://www.dragonradio.hk/?p=70

Download link: http://www.dragonradio.hk/podcasts/DragonRadio029.mp3

RSS of Dragonradio Podcast: http://www.dragonradio.hk/?feed=rss2

Featured Artists

  1. 躁狂 (irritating heat) / Sonic Temple / 躁狂 - Hong Kong
  2. 含忍 (blow-job) / 524 (唔易死)/ Hip Hop Battle History - Hong Kong
  3. 红先生 (red gentleman) / 崔健 Cui Jian / 给你一点颜色 - China
  4. Five Star / 便利商店 / Five Star - Taiwan
  5. Studio Jam / Dropout / Unreleased Studio Material - Malaysia

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