Dragonradio no. 048

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Dragonradio no. 048

General information

Moderator: Tony Reno of Dragonradio

Published: October 24th, 2006

Download link: http://www.dragonradio.hk/podcasts/DragonRadio048.mp3

RSS of Dragonradio Podcast: http://www.dragonradio.hk/?feed=rss2

Featured Artists

  1. An Apple a Day / CO2 / Emo Rocks China - China, Beijing
  2. That’s All Right / Raving Radio / Emo Rocks China - China, Beijing
  3. 因為所以 Because / 二手玫瑰 Second Hand Rose Band / 二手玫瑰 - China, Beijing
  4. The Man Machine / Manchuhead / EP - China, Manchuria
  5. Zai Jie Shang / Tian Mi Dehaizi (The Honeys) / Zai Jie Shang - China, Shanghai


The show also featured an interview with Rockinchina.com.

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