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Drone is a Progressive, Rock, Grunge, Alternative artist , originally from Denmark.

General information about Drone

Drone group.jpg

Drone, by Katja Michaelsen, 2012, Denmark

English Name Drone
Genre Progressive, Rock, Grunge, Alternative
Origin Denmark


Drone is a progressive grunge band from Denmark with the lineup:

  • Rasmus Sjøgren - vocals, guitars
  • Nicklas Sebastian Winther Pedersen - bas
  • Rasmus Cederlund - drums
  • Jeppe Holm - keys, fx
  • Asbjørn Jensen - live guitar

Since the debut EP “Misanthropia” was released in 2007 Drone developed the musical style from atmospheric and electronically inspired to a more hard-hitting and ambitious expression á la King Crimson, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Porcupine Tree, Tool, Nirvana and the early Genesis. You find this expressions most recent manifestation on the debut album “Doors of Perception” which was released on the 2nd of December 2011.

The songs on the album are written by lead singer and guitarist Rasmus Sjøgren.

Rick Dante from the US had these among other things to say about the album:

“I will say this again so you can read it again and maybe comprehend what I am trying to tell you: Drone is the very best heavy prog band of the 21st century”.

In the spring of 2010 the band was chosen to be among the 22 bands in DR´s “KarriereKanonen”. It let to great shows on some of the big stages in Denmark and airplay on P3 with the song “Intuition”. The journalists of P3 had this among other things to say about drone:

“Loaded precision from one of the tightest and most spectacular bands in Danish upcoming music. Surprisingly catchy.”

2011 and 2012 has been two very crucial years for Drone. In 2011 the band played at one of the most important Danish festivals the SPOTFestival, had more than 160 plays on various Danish radio channels, released their debut album and finally moved to Hamburg, Germany to take the band a step further.

On the 8th of October 2012 the band released the music video for the track Divide and Conquer. The video was extremely well received and was spread around the world virally and got more than 50.000 views within the first day. The video is directed by the highly acclaimed Karim Ghahwagi who made videos for artists like Trentemøller and Efterklang.

In 2013 the band is planning a tour in Germany and a tour in China.



Doors of Perception - 2011


Do What You Will - 2009 Stilwalker - 2008 Misanthropia - 2007

Festival Participation

Spot Festival - 2011

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