Eatliz China Tour 2012

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Eatliz China Tour 2012


Tel Aviv’s most innovative act, Eatliz, will bring its spectacular visual performances and outstanding genre-crossing music to China for the first time in March 2012, performing at the JUE Music + Art Festival in Beijing and Shanghai, and in additional shows in Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan and Changsha. Eatliz’s astounding creative vision has already been recognized with multiple awards in China. Israel's hottest Art Rock group, Eatliz, have been causing quite a stir in the world of alternative rock for some time now, earning them an ever-growing cult following across North America, Europe and Israel.

With a discography of critically acclaimed albums spanning half a decade, the band’s penchant for mixing sonic pounding with delicate meandering has struck a chord with listeners worldwide who appreciate unconventional song structure. Playing what’s been termed “Art Rock”, Eatliz creates music with elements ranging from pop with a Middle Eastern edge to hard rock. The result is a sound that calls to mind artists like Faith No More, The Cranberries and Blonde Redhead.

Eatliz has gained a reputation for their eye-popping animated music videos – for songs such as “Hey", "Lose This Child" and “Attractive” – which have been seen by millions in 200 domestic and international film festivals, where they received dozens of awards, including the Babelgum Online Film Festival’s "Spike Lee Award", granted by the renowned director at the New York Tribeca Film Festival, “Best Foreign Video” at the 11th Sichuan TV Festival "Gold Panda" Awards, “Best Experimental Foreign Short Film” at the China Xiamen International Animation Festival and the Special Jury Prize for TV Animation at the China International Animation and Digital Arts Festival Golden Dinosaur Awards, plus screenings before the film "Avatar" at cinemas across America. These unique music videos have earned the band a great deal of press attention worldwide, along with performances on TV shows and at major music festivals.

"Eatliz makes dreamy, atmospheric songs and imbues them with complex and ornate arrangements and haunting vocals." MTV Buzzworthy [USA]


  • 17.3 Guangzhou @ 191space, with: Turtle Giant (Macau)
  • 18.3 Hong Kong @ Hidden Agenda, with: Turtle Giant (Macau)
  • 19.3 Changsha @ Freedom House
  • 20.3 Wuhan @ Vox
  • 21.3 Nanjing @ 61House
  • 22.3 Hangzhou @ 9-Club
  • 23.3 Shanghai @ JUE | Music + Art Festival, Yuyintang, with: Yourboyfriendsucks! (Guangzhou), Battle Cattle (Shanghai)
  • 24.3 Beijing Music Video and Animation Screening and Q&A @ The Hutong
  • 25.3 Beijing @ JUE | Music + Art Festival, Tango, with: Devil Music Ensemble (USA)

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