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Elf Fatima





Eddie:(Guitar) Nic (Bass)

Donkie (VJ)

Paul: (Guitar).

Former members

Elf:(Vocals in 1st and 2nd Album, Guitar)

Phoenix:(Bass in 1st and 2nd Album) Vivio:(Keyboard in 1st album, Bass before departure),


Elf Fatima have started to bring a post-rock edge into their songwriting, inspired by such acts as early Pink Floyd, Mogwai, Mono (Japan) and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The band stands out from other Hong Kong acts, with their far reaches of musical experimentation. Elf Fatima have played some legendary gigs over the years, including a performance at The Coliseum courtesy of Commercial Radio and gigs organized by the former music magazine MCB (Music Colony Bi-weekly) including a tribute concert to Ian Curtis. In 2004 the band opened for Mogwai for their Hong Kong concert. In 2005 Elf Fatima released their second, self-titled album with its psychedelic, Noisenik and Post-Rock influences. The album received critical acclaim having been self-produced and self-published by Elf Fatima, mastered by Kitmatic, a local indie talent and distributed by Monitor Records. Email Contact:copy925@yahoo.com.hk

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