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Evilthorn is a Black Metal artist , originally from Beijing.

General information about Evilthorn

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English Name Evilthorn
Chinese Name 恶刺 / 惡刺 / è cì
Genre Black Metal
Origin Beijing
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Band members

Li Bai 李白 - Vocals
Xu Yunwei 许允为 - Guitar
Li Nan 李楠 - Guitar (Wrath of Despot)
Jia Ke 贾克 (Deathpact) - Bass
Lu Xiaofan 鲁晓帆 - Drums

Former band members

Li Chao - Vocals (Harrfluss, Enemite, Zaliva-D)
SS - Bass
Nan Shan - Bass
Zhai Xiaojun - Guitar (Wrath of Despot)
Zheng Yong - Drums


Evilthorn was formed in June 2001 by lead vocalist Lee Chao and guitarist Nan Shan.

Evilthorn are considered to be China's best underground Raw Black metal band. Making up their faces in black and white and playing ultra-brutal sounds.

What is special about Evilthorn is that they have no drummer in the early years, but instead use a drum machine to generate the hard background sounds.

Their songs are about war and modern warfare, genocide and historical massacres. They receive their energy from the hateress of history and the pain of the death of their ancestors. That is their faith and that is how their music sounds!

Around 2011 the band wend through a series of line up changes, also the music has changed from early-day raw black metal into a more sophisticated approach.

the old line up

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Evilthorn - 2002, March



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