Flow (Duck Fight Goose)

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General information

Artist Duck Fight Goose
English title Flow
Publisher Miniless Recordings
Date of release 2010
Release Type CD
Catalogue Number MINI018
Languages on Record English / Chinese
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Track Listing

  1. Theme
  2. Future Deer
  3. Hainan Dao
  4. Light is God’s Bread
  5. Ghost is Online


  • Layabozi (c) APRIL 13TH, 2011

Duck Fight Goose is the result of the summation of much energy invested in music, and so it’s this album. It’s impossible to forget to mention that all the members of this band are all active participants in important bands and projects of the independent music scene of China since many years already. Damen, on drums, is also member of Hardqueen, and Booji. San San, on bass, is also in Booji and Muscle Snog, as so is Panda the guitarist, and Han Han, the lead guitar and singer, is also member of LAVA/OX /SEA and one of the founders of Miniless Records, Duck Fight Goose’s house. Han Han has been described as “a leader of Shanghai’s nascent alternative, experimental, rock scene”. Behind the band is also the production work of Brad Ferguson, who I like to think of as a protector dragon of rock, who is and has been part of too many projects to list them here. Duck Fight Goose, and its first EP Flow, are creations of important active forces of China’s music scene.

Flow has the strange characteristic that the continuity of its sounds somehow makes difficult for me to connect with its music. Duck Fight Goose has the ability to grab the audience by the ears when they play live, probably is because of the psychedelic concept around their music, their sound is very hypnotizing, so people gets easily hooked on them. With Flow it bothers me that this is something that I don’t feel happening, instead of staying hooked on their music I float away. I presume this is caused for the few variation of textures, and tempos. Flow has also a certain attachment to precision that’s probably caused for giving much value to technique at the expense of jauntiness

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  • CityWeekend Shanghai (c) December 2010

Math rock, post rock, experimental rock, krautrock, forget the silly genre tags, Duck Fight Goose has birthed an entirely new sound with their debut EP, Flow. A collection of five tracks, the 23 and-a-half minute Flow is laden with layers upon layers of effected guitars, precise, electronic drums, nuanced bass lines and heavily-processed vocals, creating the first physical manifestation of future rock. Of note is the penultimate number, “Light is God’s Bread,” the album’s heaviest song. Complete with dueling guitars -- Duck hammering out a staccato, power chord assault on the Jaguar versus Panda’s spacey delayed Telecaster riffs -- Dragon’s march-style snare rolls, Goose’s bass anchor and a fist-pumping sing-a-long hook, “Light is God’s Bread” proves that true heaviness lies in the weight of a song’s impact rather than sheer volume and distortion.

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Further Information

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