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Frank Segen 弗兰克·西格恩乐队, a Beijing based Jazz music group

Line up

  • Pierre Brahin 皮埃尔·布拉汗 - guitars
  • Nie Bing 聂兵 - drums (Slap)
  • Elva Wang 王慧 - vocal
  • K - bass


Taken from a gig info page:

Frank Segen Quartet was found in 2006. Current personnel include Pierre Brahin (guitar), Nie Bing (drums), Elva Wang (vocal) and K (bass).

The performing style varies from bebop, ballad, latin to free jazz, and is characteristic by the re-arangement of modern and early chinese songs.

Pierre Brahin 皮埃尔 布拉汉 started studying piano and guitar at classical music school in France.Studied Jazz with the guitarist of the French National Jazz Orchestra.Participated in many bands in France and China.He had also the opportunity of creating music for short movies in France.

Elva 王慧 was born in a musical family in Taiyuan. She began learning piano from her mother at the age of 6, but soon turned to guitar, which her father left her. She started to sing in small jazz groups at 15 when studying composing in a conservatory of music. During the time she recorded for some TV-programs .

After graduating, she joined a few pop bands and toured around south and west China for experience of performance. She also stayed in a Blues/Country band as vocal and guitarist in her home town for a few years before she came to Beijing in 2006.

In the year 2008, Elva grouped up with Pierre Brahin (guitar), Nie Bing (drum), Lee (bass).

Lee 李智 was born in 1983. He came to Beijing in 2001 and started playing bass in 2003. In 2006 he grouped up with Pierre Brahin(guitar), Nie Bing(drum).

Nie Bing is a skilled drummer and participated on many wellknow chinese bands on live performances. He is capable to freely vary between different styles without drifting away from his solid rhythm play. In 2005 he teamed up with guitarist Piere, Vocalist Jin Song 轻松 and bass player Lee to the band that became Frank Segen today, playing Swing, Bebop and Latin Jazz.

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