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Interview with various rock and punk protagonists of Beijing and Wuhan. Yep let’s talk about that elusive 4 letter word, the one which has been around probably before your baby bum was even first washed, and with a history so well documented that it can now be appropriated at will, either as a label or watered down in the form of a fast yet safe commercial pop song. What I’d like to know is how punk can stand up in a country like China, which seems to cop flak and attitude everywhere for its officialdom and “docile subservient people”. But surely, any dumb fucker would realize that not all of its 1.4 billion people are “supposedly brainwashed”? I mean, what are the DIY attitudes of people here in the PRC? Are there any? Is there a good fight amongst its people, or is it simply a shit fight?

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Author Bob Blunt
English title From Beijing with Punk!
Publication PAN Magazine
Date of publication 2012 exactly on 2012/09/25
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SMZB, MiSanDao, Genjing Records

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Punk, Interview, Beijing, Wuhan

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