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General Information

Artist: Girls Are Waiting To Meet You
Release Date: 2009, July 16
Type: Digital Download
Catalog No.: GAWTMY002
Language: English
Credits: Natan Doron - Vocals, Guitars

Luke Tweedy - Sax, Clarient, Flute, Ukulele, Vocals
Kirsten Melby Thompson - Violin, Vocals
Michelle Woo - Violin
Wang Xiao Bing - Bass guitar
Liu Yang - Keyboard
Donna Renae - Drums, Vocals
Harmonica on 'Across Green Fields' by Gentry Cole
Backing vocals on 'Early Findings' by Hugh Reed

Track Listing

  1. Majestic Tree
  2. Fortune Teller
  3. I'm a Writer
  4. Crowded Streets
  5. Her Oceans
  6. All the Pills
  7. The Emptiness Itself (Was a Presence on the mist)
  8. Across Green Fields
  9. Early Findings
  10. The Millionth Verse


  • (c) The Beijinger, Wang Ge, August 2009 issue

Though they've only been around for a little over a year, Girls Are Waiting To Meet You (aka GAWTMY) has already seen a few band member changes. Luckily, that hasn't kept them from recording their debut. An amalgam of Irish melodies, Swedish indie pop, mellow blues-rock and gypsy tunes, this self-titled album showcases an adventurous collective from all corners of the globe, willing to play music on the subway with no regard for the police ­ not an easy task with a seven-man band playing instruments as diverse as the flute, saxophone and ukulele. The ten songs alternate between cheerful and gloomy; scattered throughout are smidgens of harmonica and piano. Some listeners might be amused to find sound-bites from a certain CCTV-9 show on "Early Findings," a brave attempt at the ultimate act of punk-against-the-machine, where violin (rather than electric guitar) does the job.

Further Information

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