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Interview with Chris B: Here at Shanghai 247, if we had a kuai for every time we heard someone say something like: ‘Everything’s so commercial, there’s no decent live music around here,’ we could probably ditch the advertising banners and start booking tables at M1NT. But even those who are in the know about the Beijing or Shanghai scenes are often similarly dismissive of Hong Kong’s potential for live music, under the impression that everyone in Hong Kong either works at HSBC or the visa office.

But as anyone who’s seen any of the recent Hong Kong bands come to Shanghai such as Chochukmo, it’s clear that there is something going on in the Special Autonomous Region and it definitely rocks. Chris B is the founder of the HK Underground, Hong Kong’s longest running independent live music website / events promotor, which has grown to become an integral part of the Hong Kong live scene. And according to her, there’s no excuse for being bored on your next visa run.

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