Heavy Fvckin Black (Hellward)

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General Information

Artist: Hellward
Title: Heavy Fvckin Black
Release Date: 2006, October 1st
Label: Dying Art Underground Production

Track Listing

  1. Ancient Instincts
  2. Power Of Hell
  3. Unleashing A Storm Of War
  4. Daemon
  5. In The Sea My Father Lies
  6. Heavy Fvckn Black
  7. Tonight We'll Fight
  8. Black Metal Revolution
  9. Blood In The Stream
  10. You Must Be Chosen
  11. We Are The Rebels

Further Information

  • Limited to 500 copies
  • Hidden tracks: 12. Untitled (Silent track) 18:14 | 13. Untitled 5:32
  • Metal Archives page

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