Heavy Metal Rock is the Best Music (LAVA.OX.SEA)

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General Information

Title: Heavy Metal Rock is the Best Music
Release Date: 2008, December 28th/30th
Label: Miniless Recordings
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: MINI011
Language: English

Track Listing

  1. 万花筒(Kaleidoscope)
  2. 三加六(3+6)
  3. 水泥雪崩(Concrete Avalanche)
  4. 物理(Physics)
  5. 艾莲娜(Aliena)
  6. 家庭地狱(Home Hell)
  7. 莱格那!也(Regnarts! Yeh)

Further Information

  • Length: 39 minutes
  • Genre: Post-rock/Math-rock/Space-rock/Emo-core/Experimental
  • You could also buy CD copies of this ep through Miniless Recordings with beautiful pages inside. For more information,please go to http://miniless.ycool.com. You may also check http://shop33998977.taobao.com/ to buy other releases of MINILESS.
  • This ep album is live recordings from their latest show at Yuyintang livehouse at Shanghai, and staffs in Yuyintang helped us a lot during that time. Their full length album will be out in 2009 under MINILESS. This Ep is an very important record of their changes in music styles.

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