How to find artist information in the web

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How to find artist information in the web


General information

Usually it's pretty difficult to find English information about Chinese bands & artists in the web. That's one of the reasons, why Rock in China was set up. Nevertheless there are valid sources and ways to find what one is looking for:

  1. On
  2. On Douban
  3. On Metal-Archives
  4. On MySpace
  5. On various blogs & magazine articles

The website by Yoshito Katori is one of the most extensive websites about Chinese rock with numerous numerous bands sorted alphabetically by city, province and genre. The no. 1 stop for all not-English related searched.

Google Translate is already doing a pretty good job to translate the Japanese into English.


Most Chinese bands that are active currently have set up a profile or a group at Douban. Sometimes the search function is a little bit troublesome, but in general if Google is used with one can find something.


The community at Metal-Archives is collecting metal bands from all over the world, so sometimes they find here and there a Chinese metal band and include it in their collection. Not too much info available, but the basics are there.

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