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General Information

Artist: Cobra
Title: Hypocrisy
Release Date: 1994
Label: NETWORK Records and in 1996 World Beat Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: LC-6759 (NETWORK) and 0888 (World Beat Records)
Language: Chinese

Appearances in Press/Books

  • Mentioned as a "Yaogun classics" in the Insider's Guide to Beijing 2008.

Track Listing

  1. Hypocrisy
  2. One door, one wall, one grave
  3. 1966 written documentary film "1966"
  4. It's not the age of amusement
  5. Vulgarian
  6. My own paradise
  7. Illusion
  8. Dream
  9. Join the masses
  10. No ones drunk



I know why you're laughing, 'cause you think I don't get it.

I don't know why you're still searching, when my heart isn't in it.

Why do you take this?

You have too many reasons.

Why do you persue this?

These are not your feelings.

Just like yourself,

You doubt everything you want.

Don't act anymore,

With this face of Hypocristy.

Escape right now into the storm,

And don't fear the loneliness.

'Cause the old lies will soon be the truth.

(Now I understand everything.)

Don't give me that, Don't give me that...

I know why you need that,

You need a woman's smile.

I know why you're escaping,

You're afraid of the helpless wait.

Why do you take this,

When you have so many reasons.

Why do you still persue this,

When these feelings aren't even your own?

© World Beat Records 1996

One door, one wall, one grave

I am leaning on a door.

In which I can see

A rainy world through a window.

You have too many reasons.

It¹s a very heavy door.

In front of me there is a wall.

A wall sagging under the weight of paintings.

In which flowers

Will soon blossom.

I am standing on a grave,

The grave that holds my love.

I am told that outside,

The rain it will be heavy.

© World Beat Records 1996

1966 written documentary film "1966"

That day I boarded the Red Express

High on Fanaticism and Bliss

A rainy world through a window.

I wanted us to be alike:

Is it heaven or hell?

I¹ve nowhere to hide.

He speaks of a world from far away,

A village, fresh flowers, fields of grass.

Living is a dream and

The Red Express never reaches its destination.


Red Express

Carrying the frieght of...

© World Beat Records 1996

It's not the age of amusement

missing lyrics


He swears he's clean and pure,

with his eyes closed he can see the spirits.

A painted face masked in sobriety,

but he's just another low life.

Don't know which day this morning belongs to,

and don't care which way tomorrow's wind blows.

Your bones are the books of history,

So don't let the winter's cold into your soul.

For our life, we destroyed the forest.

For our life, it's survival of the fittest.

For our dreams, we learned how to love,

and leave our regrets behind us.

© 1996 World Beat Records

Translation by Ni Jun, Mei Sui, and Simone Wan

My own paradise

I don't remember what they call a Gypsy,

But I know I'm satisfied and healthy.

I don't have to be the same as you.

I can live without food or money,

And I sleep without a bed.

Whatever they call normal

Whatever they call happy or immoral

Don't tell me how to work and

I won't tell you how to play.

Don't tell me what to do, because

You can't help me anyway.

Just like a fool,

I have my own paradise.

© 1996 World Beat Records

Translation by Ni Jun, Mei Sui, and Simone Wan


Between earth and sky it's black and I can't see you today.

I'm between joy and pain, don't just smile and say it's okay.

Don't bring it up but just let it slowly go by.

When and where will we meet eye to eye?

Dream or daze, a time of fear...leave me along.

I'm going to face dreamland, to slip away without a trace.

Where am I? Don't you shatter my thoughts.

Until the dream ends, everything has no shape or form.

I have been deluded by illusions. This is no longer a dream.

I've been bypassed by the air. This is no longer a riddle.

I can't say how much danger there is,

In this enchanted illusion.

© 1996 World Beat Records

Translation by Ni Jun, Mei Sui, and Simone Wan


My Dream--about being really rich,

but not always with money.

My Dream--about soaring the sky,

and seeing beyond blue horizons.

My Dream--atop a mountain peak,

not only looking at endless green leaves.

My Dream--charging to the immense sea,

not only looking at the waves in motion.

My Dream--of a house

that's not just a rose garden.

My Dream--of a lover

who's not a perfect gentleman.

My Dream--of God

is not a smiling face.

My Dream--of the world

would not let me remember.

My Dream--

My Dream--

Don't let me desperately wait.

© 1996 World Beat Records

Translation by Ni Jun, Mei Sui, and Simone Wan

Join the masses

When I hold your hand, I feel ridiculous.

When I look into your eyes, I'm expecting something more.

Repeating one word until I don't understand,

I'll wait for the moment to find out what I can.

I don't know if you can feel, how much of me is here.

I'm praying by singing in this lonely atmosphere.

A feeling, a feeling is approaching my body.

I want to, I want to feel it's mysterious chemistry.

Yet I don't know how to react to this emotional attack.

I've become exposed, for now the feeling knows, it now knows.

Without knowing, I approached you.

Right or wrong I'm leaving you.

You taught me how to hold, hold onto the black rain.

You wanted me to know how to breath without pain.

Join the masses and find a safe corner.

Everybody is calm and silent.

Join the Masses, into the darkness of the crowd.

Find a place where we can all calm down.

© 1996 World Beat Records

Translation by Ni Jun, Mei Sui, and Simone Wan

No One's Drunk

No wind, no rain, no one's drunk,

Faces go flying by.

No words, no deeds, no one's sleeping,

Those who know each other are confusing each other.

No beginning, no end, and no one's pushing, As I'm waiting the memories are leaving.

In a crowd, what you say is what they hear,

In the mountains, your legs will take you there.

You had suffered when you were rich.

Buying only flowers while the grass became hay.

Talk until you cry...

No more songs.

I want a flood tonight.

It's too soon to just break new glasses,

You and me, all the battered balloons,

trying to fly to fly towards the sky to explode.

© 1996 World Beat Records

Translation by Ni Jun, Mei Sui, and Simone Wan


  • (c) Sing Along Together - Asian Rock Webzine, 곰형 (Gom Hyung), August 6th, 2007

"It’s nothing traditional people would do. Chinese people don’t know what rock is. They don’t know what kind of monsters we are." (Drummer Wang Xiaofang in Details Magazine about Cobra’s music, 11/1998)

Formed 1989 in Beijing during the time of the big student protests and the Tienanmen Square massacre, Cobra was the first all-girl rock band to emerge from China. After their first album “Hypocrisy”, they only released one more in 2000, which was simply titled “Cobra II”. That album however was a boring rock/pop hybrid, that has lost all the power of their first release. Shortly after that the band disbanded, one of the members committed suicide, while another got blind from massive drug abuse. In 2004 Wang Xiaofang tried to form a “new Cobra”, but only made it to play at one festival.

With somewhat gloomy poetic but still gritty sociocritical lyrics and the usage of instruments like flute, saxophone and some traditional Chinese instruments, Cobra cannot be considered a typical early 90s rockband. It’s sound seems to be based on blues rock, mixed with dark keyboard sounds and some contemporary pop elements. Because of Hypocrisy’s musical quality and considering the time and place it was produced, it’s a must listen for everyone interested in the history of Chinese rock. Just don’t expect your typical (punk) rock sound!

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