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General Information

Artist: Be Persecuted
Title: I.I
Release Date: 2007, January 18th / 2011, February 10th
Label: No Colours Records / Dusktone
Type: CDDA / 12" LP
Catalog No.: NC120 / Dusk001LP
Language: English and Chinese

Track Listing

  1. Intro 01:54
  2. Suicide Forest 05:23
  3. Painful Assemble 04:36
  4. Be Resented For Livelihood 05:32
  5. Revolves Weakly Falls 06:22
  6. Wilderness 13:15
  7. Some How 06:54
  8. Outro 03:52


Suicide Forest


in the haze mist, I step alone

Without deity's declare, without pray

innermost thorn, hiding back into abysin

Have no direction, have no aim

the medal which belongs to me is coming

drak death, just in frontage

comether walling, red lips in the darkness

enwinding my loneliness

tearing, never end

the best end-up is die out

actually i lose in this forest

it's nigritude

Painful Assemble

Looking up the self-pride tower

I hostile all with my personality

bourgeois wheel crush up me

put on the mean

console myselg stick the smelling egesta

please let me sink, let me keep sinking

sink into endless painful abyss

cheby is my forever unreal

arrive with droop, die on the way

I want you to see my end.

Be Resented For Livelihood

Life's flower fading

blind mating destroyed the strong will

expecting death summon

fall into maze memory

take away too much niceness

body die down in the wind

wanna look up the last gray sky

it's the color when I gonna get in tomb

things which couldnt take with

just let it keeping be history

leaving with despairingly

wither fall

in the horizon

Revolves Weakly Falls

Shackle enlace as the chains

life move in crucifixion

fade is the end

running whirligig of the destiny

live already sinking life fading in turn

exclaim crush selfhood

dizzy lose in orexis

misery doom of life

come on lick the wound

corrupt body is melting

live already sinking life fading in turn


Deserted heart

never end is sinking

without power being

couldn't see my caprice

filthy mask with brier on back

finality journey had lose the sense

fated thirst lock in dirty chest

go on go on

grip in hand going on

going on...

Some How

Wei bi he fei, wei ci he shi?

Shui ming ci xin, meng die zhi zi.

He huo fei fu, he ji fei xiong?

Shui da ci guan, sheng lao bing si.

Wu ming, liu chu, shi, xing,

ming, se, chu, ai,

qu, you, sheng, lao si.


(c) Reign_of_Praine (Metal Archives) on December 12th, 2008

My knowledge of Chinese black metal isn't vast and wide, but it's always great to find another black metal band from the scene, especially if the band is worth checking out, and believe me, Be Persecuted is worth checking out. What you get from this release is about 50 minutes of quality, atmospheric DSBM that will leave a scar of remembrance after you are finished listening to their first full length album, "I.I".

This CD starts with a pure ambient piece called "Intro" and it's a pretty nice piece but not highly original - tons of DSBM bands use ambient openers and this album is no different. What other bands do, is make the ambient piece work its way into the next song, whether that be in the chord progression that is played or a slightly building climax to the rawness provided by the second black metal song. That's not the case here, though. This song doesn't work its way into the next song and instead raw guitars and a completely different chord progression come into the picture, leaving you somewhat displeased. Not a huge flaw, but I feel like Be Persecuted could've definitely improved the intro to this CD, thus enhancing the listening experience and not throwing it off.

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(c) Perplexed_Sjel (Metal Archives) on April 18th, 2007

If i had known the debut full-length was going to be released such a short time after writing the review for the demo, i would never have bothered! The debut full-length, entitled 'I.I' is practically the demo, but released as a full-length ... With two minor alterations ... TWO BRAND NEW SONGS!

Since i wrote the review for the demo back in December of last year, i have steadily grown to like Be Persecuted more and more. Something which later immersed, that i had absolutely no idea about is the fact that the vocalist is female, which took me by complete surprise! I don't want to come across as being sexist, but i believe the biggest compliment i can give her is that her performance is astonishing. She is up there with the best of the male vocalists in the genre and deservedly so. Its perhaps a little unfair to compare her performance to that of any male vocalist, but for me, women never usually possess the qualities to pull off this kind of a performance. However, it is a nice surprise when i discover a band with a female vocalist who can actually do a good job with the style of vocals black metal has become accustomed to over the years.

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Further Information

  • Re-master of the demo plus two new songs.
  • Re-released by Dusktone in February 2011 on 12" vinyl, ltd. to 500 handnumbered copies (100 copies on grey, 400 copies on black vinyl)
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  • Douban.com Page
  • Yaogun Page
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