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General Information

Artist: Wang Wen
Title: IV
Release Date: 2008, May 17
Label: Fox Tail Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:

Track Listing

  1. 污水塘
  2. 龙西
  3. Rust Inside
  4. 06M
  5. 花满都 VS 川味子
  6. 抿嘴谣
  7. To the Mars


  • (c) SmartShanghai.com, Morgan Short, July 8, 2008

Musically, their latest album is a tamer version of the explosive post rock visions of Mogwai or Explosions in the Sky, but with more varied instrumentation -- strings, and *shock* some vocal parts here and there -- and it's more ambient and cinematic, as apposed to the slow-crescendo-to-the-boom of most post rock. Less mathy than most, WangWen's alternative background bleeds through the expansive song writing in early Smashing Pumpkins crunchy guitar tones in places.


Further information

  • For their record IV, Wang Wen had actually thought of getting it post-produced by Neil of God Is An Astronaut, however due to GIAA's touring schedule, mixing was given to someone in Dalian.[1]


  1. Translated interview of Wang Wen with Nomusic magazine at indiechina

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