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Yin Tsar (also know as IN3) is a Hip Hop artist , originally from Beijing.

General information about Yin Tsar (also know as IN3)

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English Name Yin Tsar (also know as IN3)
Chinese Name 阴三儿 / yīn sān ér
Genre Hip Hop
Origin Beijing
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Band members

Chen Haoran (陈浩然 ),

Meng Guodong (孟国栋),

Jia Wei (贾伟 )

Former band members


taken from Cityweekend.com.cn (text by Matthew Niederhauser):

Chen Haoran, Meng Guodong and Jiawei, the three MCs who comprise Yin Tsar, are the current bad boys of Beijing hip-hop and technically each deserve their own profile. They epitomized the confident swagger and aggressive flow employed by many young rappers in Beijing. Performing with each other since 2006, they now pack the same hip-hop parties where they first met and began to cut their teeth in battle. Outside of freestyle competitions fans also attribute their rise to their ability to shrewdly address social ills that are usually swept under the rug in their lyrics. They all believe that hip-hop in its purest form can form the core of a liberated lifestyle in China. For the time beijing, they continue to rock the mic and hope to release a new album at the end of the year.

(printed on Cityweekend Beijing, issue October 14-27, P. 16, ISSN 1009-4954)


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