Interview with Meat Sucks (2012)

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Post-Hardcore band Meat Sucks answered our call for CORE IN CHINA and also responded for all our interview questions:

Azchael: Can you briefly introduce yourself and Meat Sucks?

Meat Sucks: We are Meat Sucks from Wuhan and funded in 2010. A girl vocal and four boys Musicians composed this band. Respectively is the following, vocal Sami, guitarists Mike and talon, bassist Zuo, drummer Gong Xiao. Technically, we are a very young band, but it has never been the problem for us to be the most professional and passionate band compare to other bands. Initial, because we all love Emo Rock then decided to create this band. Though all the discussion, our direction is post-hardcore, and make our own Rock music. Finally, we’ve got a lot of chances to perform, meanwhile, rehearsing and recording are very good ways to improve our skills. Rock music is the best channel to help us access our deep thoughts and express our potential capabilities.

Azchael: Which instruments are you using and which brand?

Meat Sucks: Our band’s configuration is the simplest of the three: bass, drum, and guitar. But we can not rule out the possibility of adding electronic equipments like keyboard. The main use of the brand of guitar is PRS, Schecter, or ESP. bass is Sadowsky,and drum is Tama.

Azchael: Why have you chosen to use post hardcore as your style of music?

Meat Sucks: We have chosen post-hardcore as our style of music because the five of us like it. It can show our most inside voices.

Azchael: How is the core scene in Wuhan? How many people come to your gigs?

Meat Sucks: Compared to other cities, Wuhan is more conservative. However, in recent year, more bands would like to try post-hardcore and more audience accepted it. We are glad to see in our performance there are almost 200 people come every time.

Azchael: From your douban I can see that your songs get a lot of listening, especially compared to other more mainstream bands. Where do you have most fans?

Meat Sucks: I can only answer this question by speculation, because I cannot represent our audiences. In the group of rock, most rockers are male. However, Meat Sucks consists of a female vocal and four young boys. Perhaps it is the reason why we can express more delicate and soft feelings. I think it is the unique point to attract our audiences.

Azchael: Do you think you represent the new sound of Wuhan?

Meat Sucks: Wuhan never lacks of excellent musicians and bands. We are just an epitome of the new wave bands in Wuhan.

Azchael: Have you toured in China or plan to do so?

Meat Sucks: Yes. In addition to Wuhan, we also visited Changsha, Beijing to perform. Our plan in 2012 is to launch our debut album, then try to tour in China.

Azchael: What is underground for you? Are you underground?

Meat Sucks: I think we are the underground band, from music writing and recording, we make it independently. Performances and records propaganda are done by ourselves.

Azchael: Where do you see the future of post hardcore, especially as the wave of post hardcore in the west seems to be already coming down?

Meat Sucks: The style of the band is not so important for us. We do not rigidly adhere to a certain style. We like post hardcore, so we are pleased to do this kind of music, and don’t care whether it is already coming down or what few people like it.

Azchael: How do you promote your music? Do you promote internationally?

Meat Sucks: Like many other bands, we promote our music via the internet. I think the best way is to promote is to write more good songs, let our audiences willing to recommend us over and over again, willing to listen to our songs and find their own resonance.

Azchael: What do you think of

Meat Sucks: We have known your website, what the most intuitive feeling is, it is very professional, very thorough, and your questions made me feel that you are very fond of rock music. I hope more people like you can always willing to get an in-depth understanding of rock, report rock, stand on solid ground for Chinese rock music. We really like your site.

Azchael: Thanks for the interview!

Meat Sucks: We are very pleased to accept your interview!

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