Interview with Ray of NONAME (2012)

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Azchael: Can you please introduce yourself and NO NAME?

Ray: Hey I’m Ray,thesinger of noname band at China. NONAME band start from 2001. We like old school punk rock, and we are doing our best here

A: What instruments do you use in the band NO NAME? Which brand?

Ray: Gibson/LTD gutair, Fender bass and Tama drum with microphone

A: We met in 2005 and talked over a beer about the meaning of punk, and what real punk is, and how many fake punk bands there are. What is punk for you now in 2012?

R: I’m still enjoying punk rock. Like our new album song “Real Punk Noise”, it’s my true life word. People has changed, the environment has changed, but faith still alive

A: NONAME has released records overseas and also toured in Europe. How do you see the punk scene in Europe compared to China?

R: Rock music is from the West. In China just started,we know it from around 1980, so in Europe the scene is better than here, but China scene is okay right now, most people admit it alredy.

A: What is underground for you? Do you think NONAME is still underground?

R: This generation was okay, underground or the ground is the same, the music from the real life.

A: Apart from NONAME, you are also working for Kids Union Records. Can you please tell us how you started it an what you are doing?

R: From 2002, I’m with Gao, my friend, and we started to work for Kids Union, but for few years most of the work was booking some bands. After 2007 we started to release the work for the band. And right now we released twenty more albums, and booking some bands tour.

A: What are the challenges for foreign bands playing in China?

R: Yes, I’ve toured with some bands, but most bands come to tour China like a trip. Here the scene is not better than the foreign one. Also the people here didn’t hear these bands before. But if the band have a good mentality, and if their music is really good, then all things work out better.

A: What was the worst tour you have done with a band?

R: When we lost the money of the show, we had to borrow money from our fans who just saw our show one time, we got drunk with beer, and missed the train, Also when we fight with someone on the tour. Two or three of our shows with just under ten people coming [laughing], and more. It’s okay, just experiences…

A: And what was the best show you remember?

Ray: I think the first China tour in 2004 was great , and when we toured with Sham 69. And when the band toured England, Europe, we had lots of fun.

A: What are your plans for 2012 with NONAME and Kids Union Records?

Ray: NONAME will make a new album in the end of 2012, also we will play some gigs, Kids Union will release few foreign bands albums, and also we are booking some more bands.

A: What do you think of Rock in China?

Ray: Like your words : ROCK ON!

A: Thanks for the interview!

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