Interview with S.A.W. 2010

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S.A.W. live in action

Interview with S.A.W. 2010

April 29th 2010 by Peter Baird (in the following as RIC. This interview is also published on WLIB)

The word "saw" conjures to mind some exceedingly nasty imagery-metal penetrating bone, severed limbs and blood spattered walls. Appropriately enough, so does the music of the similarily named Beijing based thrash metal band S.A.W. Drawing on such influences as Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica, S.A.W. have been carving up the Beijing metal scene for nearly a decade. Since winning Painkiller's Wacken Metal Battle of the Bands competition last summer, they have taken their place at the forefront of the Chinese metal scene. Last January their new album, Young Rebels, became the first release from (13 Club owner and Ordnance guitarist) Liu Li Xin's new Dime Records label. On April 23, they completed one of the most ambitious tours ever undertaken by a band in China with a performance at 13 Club in the company of Last Chance of Youth, Final Message, Forsed Pose and Unregenerate Blood. Peter Baird sat down with S.A.W. drummer Tian Yi to get the scoop on the tour and new record for

RIC: How long has S.A.W. been around for?

Tian Yi: This version of the band has been around since 2003, but the band was originally formed in 2000, mostly by different members.

RIC: You guys recently completed a 25 date tour of China, which is the most ambitious tour of China I've ever heard of. What was that like?

Tian Yi: (laughs) Tiring! We played 25 shows in 27 days, so it was really hurried. Every day we were on the train for half a day. The times on the train were pretty much the only chance we had to sleep.

RIC: Was there any place you played that really stuck out in your memory?

Tian Yi: Yeah...Lanzhou. We didn't think anyone would be there, but 200-300 people showed up. They must really be starved for metal out there, because those guys were crazy.

RIC: Were there any other paricularly memorable gigs?

Tian Yi: Um...Little Bar in Chengdu was good show, and we played to a pretty good crowd in Xi'an at...uh...Halo.

RIC: Did you sell many CDS on the tour?

Tian Yi: Yeah, lots.

RIC: OK, your new album is the first CD from Dime Records. Why did an established band like yourself chose to release a CD on a new label rather than going with a more recognized record company?

Tian Yi: You know, we've been approached by a lot of record companies in the past, and most of them just wasted our time. Li Xin has the time to invest in us, and that's important. He has kept every promise he has made to us.

RIC: You know, a lot of people were really unhappy that the CD was released with the third track incomplete. What happened there?

Tian Yi: The sound engineer screwed that up, but I have to admit, it was our fault. We should have checked the CD first. You can download that song for free from our website.

RIC: What are your plans for the future?

Tian Yi: Just keep doing what we're doing.

RIC: One last question...where did the band get its name from?

Tian Yi: From the movie of course! We love that fucking movie! (laughs).

S.A.W. will play April 30th at 13 Club and May 1st on the Overdrive stage at Strawberry Festival in Tongzhou Canal Park.

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