Interview with Tengger Cavalry (2012)

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Interview with Tengger Cavalry (2012)

Azchael of Rock in China interviewed Nature, the guy behind Tengger Cavalry, via email on January 6th 2012. This interview was posted in cooperation with

Azchael: Can you please introduce yourself and the band?

Nature: Hello, I am Nature. Tengger Cavalry is a folk metal band and pagan folk band. We take mongolian folk and chinese folk into heavy metal, hoping to make the folk metal belonging to China.

Azchael: Which instruments are you using? Which brand or manufacturer?

Nature: Horse head fiddle, tovshurr, khoomii. guitar, bass. harp jew,ect

Azchael: What inspires you for your music?

Nature: Legends of the normadic, primitive folk music, pagan folk

Azchael: MTV Iggy said about your music: "The entire subgenre of viking metal doesn’t make half as much sense as any one song by this band." As you are not playing about Vikings but more in the Mongolian area, do you consider your music part of Viking Metal?

Nature: I like viking music very much, folk metal such as ensiferum, they really perfectly combine their traditional music with heavy metal. Their methodogy is really appreciated. But Tengger Cavalry focuses on the culture that belong to Asian primitive folk.

Azchael: From where do you get your lyrical themes for the songs?

Nature: our culture, history, and the beauty of nature

Azchael: I noticed that you started shortly after your first CD to promote the music online in various metal forums. Where did you promote your music and what was the international reception?

Nature: oh, I forgot. My friend gave me lists of metal forums, so i try to introduced my work

Azchael: As a one-man band it's difficult to perform live. Did you already play live or plan for it?

Nature: Yes we made one time. and now we have new players for live.

Azchael: What do you think of Voodoo Kungfu, one of the few Chinese bands that is really mixing Mongolian music and metal?

Nature: i used to be their guitarists, playing guitar for them for one year. I think their music more focuses on diverse music, not mongolian. you can hear many cultural sounds from them.

Azchael: Having just released a double album in November 2011, how do you distribute your music? Is it free for download on bandcamp or anywhere else?

Nature: we sell it online or by postsystem. we have been successfully sold our album to UK, USA, Netherland and Norway.

Azchael: Since when are you working together with Dying Art Productions? I remember Dying Art Productions to be one of the few online mailorders that always used English on their website.

Nature: since 2009 I think

Azchael: What are your plans for 2012?

Nature: I hope we can bring you perfect live

Azchael: What do you think of

Nature: Great work ! Rockinchina helps people realize what we do now

Azchael: Thanks for the interview.

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