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Interview with Tookoo



Via Email on July 10th 2005 with Xiao Chuan of Tookoo.

Xiao Chuan represents Tookoo, Azchael represents

Azchael: Can you please first introduce yourself and your bands' members and tell me since when they are playing with the band?

Xiao Chuan: Our members include YanShuai(Vocal), Shiva G(Synthe&Organ), LiuYang(Drum), XiaoChuan(myself), I am the Guitar, and my brother, XiaoQuan(Bass). My brother and I were members since 1999. YanShuai became our vocal since the beginning of 2004, and the other two, Shiva G and LiuYang, newly joined our band this year.

Azchael: What kind of instruments are you using?

Xiao Chuan: I am currently using Gibson SG-Standard guitar, and some of my effects are MXR-M151/M135/M132/M101/Dcb10,Digitech-Xdd,Dod-270,Boss-Ac2/Tu2, ElectroHarmonix-Pulsar. XiaoQuan is using a bass by Musicman, and his effects include Crybaby-105Q, Boss-Tu2/Odb3/Bf3, Digitech-Envelope Filter and etc. Shiva is using some products by Korg and Boss, and LiuYang is using products by Zildjian and Tama.

Azchael: What kind of style are you playing and why are you playing this in genre?

Xiao Chuan: I think we have our very own genre, which can be generally considered as Emo. In fact, we incorporate a lot different substances in our music, and we always fit new ideas into our music. I don't want to say that we are actually playing in a specific style because feelings and new ideas are more important than following specific rules of a single genre.

Azchael: Do you consider yourself as a Chinese band, a Beijing band, a hardcore band, a rock band or a punk band? Please give reasons.

Xiao Chuan: Precisely, Tookoo is the first EmoRock band in China simply because there wasn't any Emo band before us in China.

Azchael: Which foreign bands would you like to jam with or with which musician?

Xiao Chuan: YanShuai likes bands such as Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, Glassjaw, and S.T.U.N. Shiva G likes experienced underground bands such as Blood Brothers, Cursives, Money Mark, and Alexis on Fire. XiaoQuan enjoys music by At the Drive-in and Sparta. I like bands such as Motion City Soundtrack, Billy Talent, Mae, and Whence He Came because I enjoy their good rhythms. It will be our great pleasure if we going to have chance to play on stage with these bands.

Azchael: What do you think about the domestic scene?

Xiao Chuan: I think domestic market is not as good as abroad since there is only a small population who truly enjoys and knows about rock music. However, through our China Tour last year, we did see an increasing number of young people began to love our music. Although they never had any chance to see an Emo band's performance, but I could tell they were impressed by our music because I felt their great passion when they were down stage. Most Chinese audiences despite those "show-off" bands; I am very confident that they will love music with true emotion.

Azchael: Which other domestic band do you like?

Xiao Chuan: Not any we can think of.

Azchael: What was the most important event for your band and what has changed? What was the impact?

Xiao Chuan: The most important event is that Tookoo became the first Emo band in China. It was not easy to be the first because a new thing in a society can never be easily achieved without obstacles. When we first introduced Emo music to the audiences here in China, most people despised us. It was because people only follow music trends that were "fashionable" by then. They did not know what they really liked, and most importantly, they only paid attention to the outside, like clothing, of a band instead of the meaning of music that band was playing. The mistaken attitude of the audiences had no impact on us, so Tookoo never changed.

Azchael: How do you see the Chinese scene in the next ten years? What are your expectations?

Xiao Chuan: I think the Chinese scene will be gradually better; however, in the next ten years, it will be difficult to see rock music dominating the major stage in China. I believe with the influences of internet and new information system technologies, as well as our hard work, the domestic scene of Emo rock will be optimistic. I hope that Chinese audiences will be rapidly influenced by ideas of Emo/Screamo/emocore in the upcoming future just as how Grunge had influenced in the early 90s.

Azchael: What do you think about

Xiao Chuan: is a cool site where enable foreign rock lovers to know more about rock music here in China. I hope will rock the world. A little suggestion of mine, I hope this web site can organize shows for its bands.

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