Invincible (Illusion)

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General Information

Artist: Illusion
Title: Invincible / 乱世无双
Release Date: 2006, August 9th
Label: R.H.C. Records
Type: CDDA
Language: Chinese

Track Listing

  1. Future's Wheel 命运之轮
  2. Invincible 乱世无双
  3. Song of the Night 夜之歌
  4. Stand Alone
  5. Lost 迷航
  6. Running out of Darkness 冲出黑暗
  7. Dream 梦
  8. Flying 翔
  9. Rebirth 新生
  10. Rhythm of the Sea 海韵
  11. Invincible 乱世狂想
  12. Last Dance 最后狂舞
  13. Travelling 旅行
  14. Freedom 天马行空

Further Information

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