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Interview with Jerry Chan: Anyone interested in Beijing punk/rock history — or the history, anthropology, and sociology of urban music in general — should look into getting their hands on Inseparable by Dave O’Dell. To quote his own press material, Dave “spent many years helping and developing some of the earliest punk bands in Beijing from 1995-2003.” Inseparable catalogues this time period in minute, first-person, sex-drugs-and-dirty-punk detail. Pretty much the Please Kill Me of the Beijing scene. Really, grip it.

One memorable portion of the book details the formation and short life of Cocktail 78, a proto-supergroup featuring Xiao Rong of Brain Failure, Jonathan Leijonhufvud of PK14, Christiaan Virant of FM3, Dave (who at the time was also playing bass in Brain Failure), and Jerry Chan. These days, Jerry is best known as a Beijing media veteran: founding editor of the Beijinger and editorial director of the True Run Media empire. But in 1999, he was a starry-eyed F.O.P. American just starting out, ready to sow some wild oats in the raucous fin de siècle Beijing rock scene.

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