Knight of Romantic (Tang Dynasty)

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Artist: Tang Dynasty
Title: Knight of Romantic / 浪漫骑士
Release Date: 2008, June
Label: Jingwen Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:
Language: Chinese


  1. 嚎叫列车
  2. 快乐的忧愁
  3. 浪漫骑士
  4. 酒狂
  5. 封禅祭
  6. 承诺
  7. 追溯
  8. 绝望致谎言
  9. 大风歌
  10. 快乐的忧愁 (伴奏)
  11. 浪漫骑士 (伴奏)


  • (c) that's Shanghai, Ezra Glinter, December 3, 2008

It's hard to underestimate the influence of Tang Dynasty on Chinese rock. Despite a modest output – only four albums in 16 years – the seminal Beijing-based band popularized hard rock/heavy metal music in China, while at the same time winning critical acclaim for incorporating elements of traditional Chinese music into their sound. Their most recent album, Romantic Knight, continues in that vein, albeit in a more understated way than its predecessors.Toning things down just a touch is a good move, however, even for an old school band like Tang Dynasty. After all, they may have been a first for China, but to Western ears they tended to sound an awful lot like Van Halen. Romantic Knight keeps the essential elements of embryonic metal, particularly in the form of Liu Yijun's lightning fast guitar work and Ding Wu's piercing vocals, but the album focuses more on the brooding, atmospheric sound that sets the band apart. Several songs, including the opening ‘Howling Train,’ as well as the title track, sound more like anthemic Chinese pop songs with hard rock backing than actual hard rock songs. Always an enjoyable listen, however, Romantic Knight shows that the old guard has still got it.


Further information

  • Deluxe version comes with T-shirt, DVD, poster and guitar pick.
  • Hidden instrumental tracks: 11. 快乐的忧愁 | 12. 浪漫骑士
  • Tracks on the bonus DVD (deluxe version):
  1. 梦回唐朝
  2. 九拍
  3. 选择
  4. 月梦
  5. 太阳

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