Kungfuology Podcast No.3

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Kungfuology Podcast No.3, a Shanghai-based podcast by the Kungfuology authors Andy and Jake

General information

Released: November 4th 2009

By: Jake Newby and Andy Best

url: http://www.kungfuology.com/jakenewby/2009/11/podcast-three-boys-climbing-ro.html

download url: http://www.kungfuology.com/podcastthree.mp3


So Pod-pickers here's what he/we blab about this week: we take a look back at last weekend's shows and Andy brings up the story of why 24 Hours think Jake is a stalker; we give you the lowdown on the F Visa Ghetto and what Brad Ferguson is up to down in JuJu; we preview this Friday's big show at MAO by talking a lot about nudity; and Jake manages to squeeze in a quick word about Hanggai before we play you out with a track from one of our favourite bands, Boys Climbing Ropes.

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