Kungfuology Podcast SE02 No.6

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Kungfuology Podcast SE02 No.6, a Shanghai-based podcast by the Kungfuology authors Andy and Jake

General information

Released: March 17th 2010

By: Jake Newby and Andy Best

url: http://www.kungfuology.com/jakenewby/2010/03/podcast-se02-ep-six-hedgehog-a.html

download url: http://www.kungfuology.com/podcasts02e6.mp3


This week's pod looks like this: naturally there's a look back at the weekend's big shows including Local King 3 (featuring special guest star Jagermeister) and the Hell United one year anniversary. The chat bit comes in there as well, partly because there's so damn much going on this week we didn't have time for the usual ramblings in the middle. So yeah, after that it's straight into the previews, before we play you out with a bit of Hedgehog. Treasure this pod, it's the last for a while, possibly ever (one of us could die in a freak Jagermeister cocktail accident tomorrow y'know). - from the blog post

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