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Li Tieqiao

Li Tieqiao 李铁桥, Beijing based multi instrument musician and composer (Rock, Jazz, Electronica and Experimental)

Saxophonist of Glorious Pharmacy



Li Tieqiao is a Chinese composer, saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist and curator based in Beijing. He is an extended techniques player and an outstanding experimentalist. In his improvisation he bravely experiment in search for a new expression between the boarders of jazz, rock and electronic noise.

Born in the Hunan province in 1973, Li Tieqiao first learned to play the Bamboo Flute as a child, before picking up the Trombone at the age of 17 . It wasn't until 22 he decided on the Saxophone as his primary tool of expression.

Li Tieqiao have only received very limited musical training and thus his musical techniques, his improvise techniques and use of electronics should be considered as self studied.

Before starting out as a full time improviser and experimentalist, Tieqiao was a member of member of Chinese folk/rock/jazz/experimental bands including Glorious Pharmacy, Ping Pong Band, Beautiful melon 9+2 Improvisation Ensemble.

From 2005 to 2007 Tieqiao lived in Oslo, where he interacted with a number of Norwegian musicians. During his time in Norway he actively explored the Experimental and improvisation scene in Norway. During the two years he organized and participated in more than 50 concerts and played with more than 80 musicians, including Paal Nilssen-Love, Ingebrigt Harker Flaten, Maja Ratkje, Ketil Gutvik, Rolf-Erik Nystrom etc. It was also in this period he started to experience with electronic effects and saxophone solo.

In September 2007 he returned to Beijing where he has become one of the most important persons in the rapidly expanding scene for experimental and improvised music in China. Besides performing live, Tieqiao is also actively nurturing China's fledgling Avant-garde scene. In March 2007, he was the maincurator behind, "Sally Can't Dance", a festival of experimental sounds held in Beijing. Moreover, as the initiator and organizer of the Beijing Free Improvisation Alliance he is a serious collaborator to the free improvisation scene in China. In addition to this he is actively cooperation with experimental dance groups in developing a new expression combining improvised music and dance. Lately his music has also been used in feature films. Furthermore, he is one of the founders of Sound of East: Sino-International Cultural Exchange Company.

Li Tieqiao has been performing at a number of festivals in China and abroad including Organ 2 (Norway), Early Wind (Germany), Midi Music festival (China), Sally Can't Dance(China) , 2pi (China) , Notch(China).




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