Litigation surounding Nakhi ancient music

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Article about the ligitation happening around Naxi Ancient Music and its application for UNESCO. Nakhi ancient music, as promoted by Xuan Ke and performed for tourists in Lijiang by an ensemble of venerable old men with tortoise shell spectacles and pretty young girls with ruddy cheeks, is just one of the unique cultural properties of the Nakhi that can be sampled by visitors. Unfortunately, it was described by Wu Xueyuan, a musicologist from Yunnan, in the November 2003 issue of the journal Yishu pinglun (Art Criticism) as a cultural fraud. In an article, titled "Xuan Ke ji Naxi guyue: Naxi guyue daodi shi shenme dongxi?" (Xuan Ke and Nakhi Ancient Music: Just What Is This Thing Called Nakhi Ancient Music?), Wu questioned the characteristics used by Xuan Ke to define Nakhi Ancient Music

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Author The Australian National University
English title Litigation surounding Nakhi ancient music
Publication China Heritage Quarterly
Date of publication 2005 exactly on 2005/06/01
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Naxi Ancient Music

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